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On the 6th of June 1944 during the 2ndWW an Allied invasion codenamed Omaha Beach was planned to free the German-occupied-France as a part of the Normandy Landings popularly known as D-Day. The responsibility for the invasion and possession of this 5mile long beach situated at the coast of Normandy lay with the US Army supported by US Navy and aerial support by the British RAF.

Though with the passage of time, retelling of the Omaha Beach invasion on D-Day has softened the Horror on that fateful day. It was this battle that mattered most since 5 landings by the other Allied forces on Normandy's Gold and Utah Beach and 3 other areas success depended wholly on this assault.

The US assault wasn't perceived to be an easy one, the Chief of the US Armed troops Gen.D.W.Eisenhower was in charge of the entire Normandy invasion aided by Gen.Bradley. They knew that the main deterrents to this invasion other than the weather were the rocky cliffs and terrains of Omaha and the 4 lines of defense for sea-borne invaders, 'heavily fortified' nets, that would consume the Allied Engineers a lot of time. Also deep trenches and thousands of German troops waited aiming their guns on the Beach.

It was US's victory at the end of the longest day of the year in 1944 but it was one battle with an epic human loss.

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Q: Why was the landing at ohmaha beach so much more difficult than the US leader expected?
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