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Because men tended to be the strongest so they could hunt for animals and kill the animal successfully. Were as the women would gather fruits and veg from the fields because that is what they are best at.

Of course the above response is stereotypical and uninformed. Prehistory lasted for a really long time, and the only way we can learn about it is through archaeological evidence. There is no such evidence to support a division of labor based on sex for most of prehistory. And a sexual division of labor in prehistory is not a hypothesis that can be tested. Everyone had to be strong then. Life was hard. There is no compelling reason, however, that women could not participate in hunting--yes, the actual spearing of a large animal. There is no reason to suppose that men were unable to collect plant materials for food. The real limitation of these activities is age. The elderly, the very young, and the disabled people cannot participate directly in providing . No plants suitable for human consumption existed in Pleistocene Europe. It was a fiercely cold, bleak tundra that supported megafauna. In regions and climates that were more temperate, women could very well contribute meat by netting and trapping small animals, both furry and feathered. Obviously, the more individuals who knew how to accomplish the most tasks were valuable contributors to overall survival. Some women's burials fating to the Middle and Upper Paleolithic in Europe and Asia contain hunting implements as grave goods. The most likely interpretation is that they were skilled hunters.

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That was their only way to get food

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What do you I don’t get it ???

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Q: Why were ancient people hunters and gatherers?
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