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they had tall hats

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Q: Why were the hessians so tall?
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What soldiers did Hessians hire?

The Hessians were German mercenaries, so they were Germans.

What are German soldiers who helped the british?

The Hessians fought with the British.

How do you pronounce Hessians?

Hessians is pronounced "he-shuns."

In January 1776 the British pushed the colonists toward independence by hiring mercenaries?

they hired hessians from hess casel in Germany

What were the hessians gain from fighting in the war?

The Hessians were being paid to fight in the war, they were mercenaries

Were the Hessians at Culloden?

Yes, a small number of Hessians aided the English forces at Culloden.

The German soldiers who fought with the British against the colonists were called?

The Hessian Soliders

Did Hessians wear blue and blackuniforms?

Hessians wore navy blue uniforms with red collars and cuffs.

What war was against the hessians?

Literally, the American Revolution, although the Hessians were only mercenaries hired by Britain. In full actuality, two American wars have been fought against Hessians: World War I and World War II. A reference: Hessians were German/Prussian mercenaries.

Who is German mercenaries?

Hessians .

Hessians were hired soldiers?


What were german troops called?