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Yes, you can get the details at your local court house.

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Q: You are not married and gave your son his father's last name The father is not a part of his life at all and my son is only 3 months old Can I change my son's last name and give him mine now?
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Can a mother take her child out of the state that her and the father reside in without the fathers consent if neither one has been appointed sole custody by the court system and they are not married?

Yes, but he has up to six months after the move to file an injunction ordering the return of the child.

What is the family information of Isaac Newton?

Isaac's father died 3 months before Isaac was born. His mother ( Hannah Ayscough) married Barnabus Smith after Isaac's fathers death. Isaac hated his step -father. After his step father died.. his mother took him out of school to continue the family farming business. His family was also quite poor.

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Who was Sr. Isaac Newtons father?

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Is the married separated mother or biological fathers stepsister who has temporary custody for the past two months most likely to get custody of the 7 month old baby?

Unless the mother is unfit she will get the baby.

In Virginia does the paternal father and paternal mother have to be married for the paternal fathers name to be on the birth certificate when the child is born?

I am not a lawyer, but this is a direct qoute from Virginia Law concerning preparing birth certificates: 3. The names of the parents, except that if the mother of the child was not married to the father of the child at the time of birth, or during the 10 months preceding such birth, the name of the father shall not be entered on the delayed certificate unless the child has been adopted or legitimated, or parentage has been determined by a court of competent jurisdiction pursuant to Section 32.1-257 of the Code of Virginia, or both natural parents present a sworn acknowledgment of paternity. NOTE ligitimated means the parents subsiquently married and both agreed to acknowledge him as the father.

On my 2 months old birth certificate there is no father name but he just came back and he is getting added on it but how would i go about changing his last name to his fathers last name?

It varies from state to state, but you will probably have to hire a lawyer and go to court. The court will decide if it is in the child's best interest to change the name.

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He can stay in the country if an American marries him, and stays married to him, for six months, and then he gets a life long citizenship.

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What happens when you have never been married to the noncustodial parent and you want to move to another state with your kids who are minors?

On the surface, if no court orders exist, there is no legal limitation to a mother moving the children. However, the father has up to six months from the time of the move to file an injunction to have the children returned to the jurisdiction of the previous residence pending a court review. I educate fathers on this.