How would you kill a roman god?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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You cant. They're immortal.

Depends on the god/world:

  • Become a god (or be a god), and kill them.
  • Have them become a different physical representation and kill that.
  • Make the god obsolete, but killing or converting all of its followers to another religion.
  • (Xena) Stab them with a blade dipped in the Hind's (centaur) blood.
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Only other Olympians or Pre-Olympian Beings(Titans etc) Could kill each other. A blade dipped in the waters of the River Styx(Bordering the realm of Hades) could injure/weaken one, but no other force in the Universe was supposed to be able to due so.

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Technically, you can't. A god is immortal. If a certain god falls out of favor, all you can do is ignore him/her. If the devotions or memory of a diety are no longer active, then the god is all but dead.

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Q: How would you kill a roman god?
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