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When companies are first trying out a new product, which side affects are unknown, they will test the product on animals so that any side affects that occurs will harm the animal and not a human, though it is cruel as it is not as if the animal will ever have a use for makeup and bubble bath. Even though animal testing is an easy way to test product containing chemicals, quite a few makeup brands and bath product shops like lush for example, will only use safe 100% organic ingredients

in there products and then even though the products will problerly be safe, they are then tested on humans who vollenter, as they know that any side affect will be minute. Hope this has helped!

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It often slips under the radar as the RSPCA And other animal protection companys are only shown certain things. Animial testing is NOT illegal unless it is breaking a animail cruelty act, it is unbeleivable that its still allowed.

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Q: How does animal experimentation happen?
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