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If you have a remote that locks & unlocks your antitheft system it could be as simple as resetting your remote, I had a similar experience.

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Q: 1995 Lincoln Continental won't start after antitheft alarm sounded for no reason?
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Does 2000 Lincoln Continental alarm system have a fuse?

What is your problem? Is it because the alarm goes off for no reason? If it is I had the same problem and can help you.

Why does a 1999 Lincoln Continental have its anti-theft alarm go off on a hot day?

The likely reason why the alarm in a 1999 Lincoln Continental goes off on hot days is because warm air flow triggers the sensors. You can deactivate the alarm by unlocking the car.

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We had that problem and it was a sensor in the trunk that triggered the alarm when the temperature good to low (cold). We ended up disengaging the trunk sensor.

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You probably have a blown brake light fuse for whatever reason. The shift lock operates on the same circuit as the brake lights so check the fuse first.

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