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To clarify just a bit. The doors no longer unlock when car is turned off or when using the keyless entry remote. Using the key and the button on the drivers side door still works with out a problem. Also, the doors will still lock when car is turned on and when the doors are locked using keyless entry remote.

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โˆ™ 2008-01-04 22:13:04
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Q: 1997 Toyota Celica power door locks will lock but not lock Any ideas?
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Does a 1994 Toyota Celica have a power antenna?

My 1994 Toyota Celica has a power antenna.

Which is the power of the engine and the maximum speed of the Toyota celica ST coupe 1971?

The power of the engine and the maximum speed of the 1971 Toyota Celica ST Coupe are 103 hp and 118 mph respectively.

Which is the power of the engine and the maximum speed of the Toyota celica gt 1975?

95 bhp / 118 bhp GT is the power of the Toyota Celica gt 1975 engine and its maximum speed is 77 mph.

Where is starter relay on 86 Toyota Celica?

The starter relay on an 86 Toyota Celica is used to provide power to the starter when the engine is cranked. It also prevents damage as a result of overheating or overdraw.

What type of oil does a 1989 Toyota celica convertible top motor use?

I have an 88 celica and my top motor takes power steering fluid

How do you disable automatic door locks on a Toyota Corolla?

all you can do is pull out the fuse for the power locks and lock the doors yourself

Why does my Toyota Celica GT lose power when accelerating and then die?

A loss of power on a Toyota Celica GT while accelerating can be a number of things. The timing might be off. The coil pack might be allowing for a misfire. There might also be a bad Oxygen sensor or bad distributor.

Where can you find a power side mirror wiring diagram with relay for a Toyota Celica?

You can find a power site mirror wiring diagram for your Toyota at most Toyota dealerships. Toyota service manuals will have the wiring diagram and can be obtained from most local libraries.

Should I change the power steering fluid on a Toyota Celica with automatic transmission 45500 miles?

your choice if you wanted to but not needed,

What is faster Toyota supra or Toyota Celica vvti?

Ok there are a lot of factors to this one: 1. The Supra has a bigger engine as well as more torque and hp 2. The Celica is smaller and lighter. 3. The driver. In my opinion the Celica will beat the Supra in a short drag but the Supra has the power to pull off the longer runs.

What does sr5 stand for in 2003 Toyota 4Runner?

It's the name for the top-of-the-line interior package that Toyota has. Power windows, locks, etc.

Is there something in common on a 1991 Toyota celica that controls the top turn signs power windows locks inst cluster?

yes, there is a 10amp {red} fuse on the rihgt hand column of the fuse board located to the lower right hand side of the stg wheel

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