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If you are taking synthroid it is very important to have your thyroid levels (TSH, T4, T3, Free T) monitored via bloodwork, synthroid is a synthetic hormone that is used to treat typically hypothyorid (low thyroid) these hormones can effect your heart via your metabolic rate so the importance of monitoring this level is essential please follow up ASAP with your doctor.

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Q: Can synthroid cause frequent heart flutters?
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Can anaemia cause heart flutters?

Yes anaemia can cause heart flutters (palpitations). The cause is usually due to the heart trying to compensate for low oxygen levels in the body. Anaemia is an abnormally low amount of haemoglobin in the blood, which is the part of blood which carries oxygen. Therefore, low haemoglobin levels lead to low oxygen levels. In response, the heart will often try to increase the amount of blood pumped around the body, to meet the body's demand for oxygen by beating faster. This can cause a high heart rate which can lead to palpitations or heart flutters.

Is heart palpitations the same thing as heart beat flutters?

From what I can understand, and I am no doctor, heart palpitations is the same thing as heart beat flutters. Heart palpitation is the feeling that your heart is racing.

Does frequent sorethroat cause heart associated disease or once is enough?

Frequent sore throat will not necessarily cause heart disease. One episode of strep throat leading to rheumatic fever can cause heart disease.

Why does your heart routinely flutter shortly one time during rest in late evenings even though you do not drink coffee?

Heart flutters or the feeling of missed heartbeats (everyone has them, but just doesn't feel it in some cases.) Over-exercising can cause this. There is caffeine in soft drinks and chocolate. Sometimes eating after 8 PM can produce heart flutters because of a chemical in possibly junk food. It would be a good idea to see your doctor and be sure you have no abnormalities of the heart. Don't risk not seeing you doctor. I'm sure you are OK, but your doctor can explain to you how the heart works and why you may be getting those heart flutters. Hormones also can cause heart flutters and young women to perimenopausal women and women in menopause can get these heart flutters or so-called missed heartbeats on quite a regular basis.

Is it normal for a 26 year old woman to have frequent heart flutters and palpitations?

no. its never normal. could be a thyroid problem or just a caffiene problem... hopefully not a heart problem, but its worth checking out and easy to do. see your Dr.

Heart flutters in afternoon and night?

flutters day and night all day all night .i have a beta blocker and i am scared to death to take it

What does consitant heart flutters mean?

Heart flutters, or palpitations, can exist for many reasons. Some of the more common reasons include stress, illness, dehydration, and exhaustion. If a person experiences this consistently, a doctor should be consulted.

When a sentence says if you have a flash of fear when your heart flutters what does the flash mean?

a brief rush

How do you know the right women has come along?

When your heart flutters like a butterfly :D

Can you feel your heart flutter?

I am a 47 year old woman and 2 years ago I would periodically feel "flutters" in my heart. I had it checked out by a cardiologist and found I had a 95% blockage in a major artery to my heart. If you feel flutters, go to your doctor -- I don't think it's normal.

What is it called when the upper chambers of the heart flutters?

Atrial Flutter. You may be thinking of atrial fibrillation, though.

Will flutters make you gasp or cough a little is that your heart or something to do with your diaphragm?

Cardiac flutters do not generally make you gasp or cough, they are more related to a rapid heartbeat and tachycardia. Congestive heart failure can produce a slight cough. If you are experiencing symptoms that you are concerned about make an appointment with your physician.

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