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It depends on what you mean by 'blown'. If it is the cylinder head gasket or the core plugs that have blown then you probably can. If you have a connecting rod through the crank case then no you can't.

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Q: Can you fix a blown engine?
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Can you fix a blown motor?

It would be more cost effective to replace the blown engine with a re-manufactured one.

What can i do for a quick fix if my engine is locked its a 95 Geo Tracker?

Locked meaning blown?,no quick fix.

When replacing valves do you need to replace head gasket?

If you remove the head then of course you replace the head gasket.Where can you get sodium silicate to fix a blown head gasket?Know that adding sodium silicate to an engine is only a temporary fix for a blown head gasket and will not permantly fix the problem. The only permanent fix is to replace the head gasket. I would never add any head gasket fix material to any engine.

How do you fix head gasket without opening engine?

You can't. The only fix for blown head gasket is to replace it. Anything else is just a temporary emergency repair and will not last.

Will bars fix blown head gasket in 1978 midget?

No, the only permanent fix for a blown head gasket is to replace it.

Will black pepper fix blown head gasket?

No it will not. The only thing that will fix a blown head gasket is to replace the gasket.

How do you fix a blown amplifier?

you dont

What is best quick fix for blown head gasket?

The best quick fix is to replace it as there is no quick fix. There are products that can be poured into the engine that claim to fix bad head gaskets. That's more of a "let's see if we can make this even more expensive" fix.

What are signs of a blown engine vs blown head gasket?

With a blown head gasket the engine will still run, poorly with issues, but run. A blown engine will not continue to run from that moment on.

How would you fix your 1990 Honda Civic if antifreeze leaks into engine oil but a pressure test can not find the leak?

Blown head gasket.

Does dura sealer fix BloWn head gasket?

No, nothing will fix a blown head gasket except replacing it. Sealer are only used in an emergency situation as a temporary fix.

If engine is blown will you still have power?

The term "blown engine" usaully means the the engine is dead in which case you would not have any power. In the racing world the term "blown engine" could mean something else. A blown engine would be an engine that is super charged with a blower in which case you would have more power.

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