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Yes he did but he swaped it for a right handed guitar even though he was left handed.

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Q: Did paul McCartney play the trumpet?
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How old was paul McCartney when he got his trumpet?


Did Ringo Starr play the trumpet?

No Ringo only ever played the drums. you may have become confused with Paul McCartney started to learn to play trumpet when he was 14 but gave it up to play the Guitar.

What was the first instrument that Paul McCartney learned how to play?

Paul was exposed to the piano in his home as a young boy. His "first" instrument was the trumpet, but when Paul realized that he was more interested in rock and roll, he knew that he couldn't play the trumpet AND sing at the same time. Both he and his brother, Michael, acquired guitars.

What did Paul McCartney play when his was in the beatles?


What was Paul McCartney's first instrument?

Paul McCartney's first instrument was a nickel-plated trumpet, which he never mastered. He sometimes tried to include it in the Quarry Men's music. McCartney played a little in George Harrison's "Only A Northern Song"

What intruments did paul McCartney play?

Bass guitar

Did any of the Beatles play the flute?

Paul McCartney.

What did paul McCartney play in the beatles?

Mostly Bass

What Instrument did Paul McCartney Play?

Bass guitar, piano/keyboard, harmonica... Paul McCartney can play almost anything. Paul is a multi-instrumentalist, but mostly he played bass and sang.

What brand of ukulele does Paul McCartney play?

According to Paul McCartney, he plays a Gibson brand Ukulele that was given to him by George Harrison.

Who played trumpet for the Beatles?

David Mason played the piccolo trumpet on "Penny Lane", Mal Evans played trumpet on "Helter Skelter", and Paul McCartney played one on "Only A Northern Song".

Where did Paul McCartney learn to play guitar?

At home in peace

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