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Yes, that is the premise of having a cosigner. The person cosigning must have a reliable, acceptable level of income and a good credit history.

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Q: Do you have to have any credit to cosign for an apartment lease?
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Can you get out an apartment lease if you lose your job?

I lost my job and can not afford the rent any longer. Is there any way I can get out of my lease?

What should you ask when leasing an apartment?

There are numerous things that a person should ask when they are about to lease the apartment. You should always ask about the neighborhood, any known leaks in the apartment, and any crime in the apartment complex.

Can you get your name off of a apartment lease if someone else took your place in the apartment?

Your lease most likely has a provision against "subletting" your apartment. Any changes in renters must be approved by the landlord, and that includes adding or removing names off the lease. The landlord decides "who" rents from them ... not the tenant.

Where can you view your apartment rental history?

if a apartment complex does not take your social security number nor checks your credit, and they give you an apartment for rent,when you decide to leave that complex, will you have any credit history on your credit?

Can the landlord charge the tenant a fee for breaking the lease if the apartment is rented again in few days?

This depends upon whether that fee is quoted on your lease when you signed it. It is not there, then landlord cannot charge you because he rented the apartment quickly after you left. However he may be able to keep your security deposit if you broke your lease. If there was a lease, the terms are generally such that you are responsible for the rent for any month that the apartment is vacant from the time you vacate the apartment to the time the lease ends OR the apartment is rented out, whichever comes first. Since the landlord did not suffer any damage by breaking the lease - he rented out the unit just a few days that you left - there shouldn't really be any reason for him to charge a fee. But if that is stated on your lease then he has the right to do so.

Can any adult cosign for a teen to get a credit card?

Yes, but if you don't pay the bill the cosigner will be held responsible

How do you add your underage brother to your apartment lease?

You cant...You must be of legal age to sign any legal document. A lease is a legal document.

Can you break an apartment lease when buying a home in minnesota?

Yes, but you'll owe any penalty.

If you cosign an auto lease will it show on your credit report if all payments are made on time?

Yes. It shows up on your credit report as a co-signed loan. The up side is you will receive credit for a good loan on your credit report. The down side is if you apply for credit they will usually count that debt as yours since if the maker does not pay you are responsible and if they use any type of debt to income ratio to qualify that will increase your debt %.

Is there any apartment homes in Georgia that will let a 17 year old rent the apartment home?

No, you must be at least 18 to sign a Lease in Georgia.

What happens if a tenant breaks the lease early and moves out?

He will lose any security deposit and be responsible for any rent while the apartment remains vacant, up to the remainder of the term of the lease.

Can a 17 year old get an apartment?

No, you have to be 18 to sign any Contracts (cell phone, Lease, etc.).

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