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I believe it does.

If you imagine it with a Bowling ball and two tennis balls, when you roll one tennis ball into another stationary tennis ball, it rolls away, but not that far. Now repeat the same experiment with a bowling ball and a tennis ball, the result is much clearer as to which moved the stationary tennis ball more. The bowling ball did as it has a larger mass and size.

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Q: Does tectonic plate size affect earthquake magnitude?
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How likely is a tectonic plate shift to cause an earthquake of significant magnitude?

Not that Often, According to scientist its about 30 years.

Does tectonic plate size effect earthquake magnitude?

Tectonic plate size does affect earthquake magnitude. Earthquakes happen when one plate slides above/below another plate, to do this it takes massive amounts of convection energy from the mantle to move the plate above. The larger the mass of the plate, the more energy is needed to move it which means that large plates have a lot of stored up energy in them before the quake in question. When the energy is released the plate boundary snaps releasing all the built up energy. As there was so much energy stored in the plate the more is released, causing a larger, more devastating earthquake.

What fault was the kamchatka earthquake on?

The Kamchatka earthquake was on the Pacific plate.

What plate is Haiti on?

Haiti is on the boundary of two tectonic plates, the North American plate and the Caribbean plate. The shifting of these plates is what caused the massive 7 magnitude earthquake on January 12, 2010.

How are plate tectonics and tectonic plates different?

An intraplate earthquake is an earthquake that occurs in the interior of a tectonic plate, whereas an interplate earthquake (plate boundary earthquake) is one that occurs at a plate boundary. Intraplate earthquakes are rare, but both can inflict large amounts of damage to populated areas.

What layer that's makes earthquake?

a tectonic plate

Which area of a tectonic plate is most likely to experience an earthquake?

The edges of the plate

What causes an earthquake and how you know weather it is likely to happen in a particular location?

It is when two tectonic plates collide and they rubs, this causes the rubble which you get from the earthquake. You only get earthquakes if your country is in between a tectonic plate or on the tectonic plate.

Where does a earthquake start?

Where a tectonic plate slides past another.

When one tectonic plate slides on one another?


What is an intraplate earthquake?

An intraplate earthquake is an earthquake that occurs in the interior of a tectonic plate. However, an interplate earthquake is one that occurs at a plate boundary.

What tectonic plates caused haiti's earthquake?

I think it was the Caribbean plate and the cocos plate.