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Sounds like it could be a bad ignition switch.

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Q: How can I fix 2003 Ford F150 radio continues to play when engine turned off then wont start?
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Why is there no current to the fuel pump?

Electric fuel pumps are only engaged for a few seconds when the key is first turned on. If the engine doesn't start, the pump is turned off. If THAT's not what you're seeing, check the fuse and the relay.

Today my car wouldn't start When I turned the key all my lights came on and radio turned on but my car wouldn't start There was no struggle to it and no noise at all It wouldn't turn over at all?

your car has a starter motor that is powered by the battery when you turn the key. it is verry possable that this motor is shot. a mechanic can check very easily if it is

How long does a car remain running while turned on with a remote car start?

The remote just connects the starter selenoid with the battery, when it completes the circuit, the engine starts and will run until it runs out of gas or the engine is disabled.

Can an engine start if the timing is off?

If the timing is off by a few degrees the engine can start but will run rough. More than a few (depending on the engine) it will not start.

94 5.8 Ford Bronco won't start without Starting Fluid It will run ok until I cut it off and the same will have to be done again what could cause this?

It could be as simple as a leaking fuel pressure regulator that allows fuel pressure to drop when the engine is turned off, and it's not getting up to pressure when you try to start the engine. Try this: Next time the engine sits for a while and you're ready to start it, turn the key on but don't try to start the engine. Leave the key on for about five seconds then turn it off. Repeat the process, THEN try to start the engine. It might help but then again, if it doesn't you aren't out anything.

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How do you start a motor?

After washing as i turn on the engine, the BAS light is turned on and the lights weakened and not started.

Why would the radio work but car won't start?

You have enough battery power to power the radio, but not enough to turn over your engine. CHeck battery.

Is Audi Q5 ESP system turned on by default when you start the car or do you actually have to switch it on when driving offroad?

It should turn on when you start the engine

What causes your radio to turn off when the lights are turned on?

It's a relay. Which one it depends... I would start from testing headlights relay.

When you start your 2005 Chevy 1500 truck its got a chatering sound?

does the sound come from the engine,or the radio???

Is it bad to have the car engine off with the key on with ac fan and radio on?

When the engine is on, batteries are being recharged. If you use a lot of electric power when the engine is off, you can drain your battery to the point where it will no longer be able to start your engine, and you will need to jump-start it.

Why CD radio won't turn on unless you start engine?

You likely do not have the "Constant Power" wire connected at the back of your radio deck, it is often yellow in color.

What is the problem with an 1990 corvette the engine will not turn over or start when ignition turned on?

check the battery and connections/cables

Whats wrong 98 Chevy Suburban will not start the lights and radio work and it will not jump?

I had the same thing happen to me and my 96' suburban. It turned out to be that the battery was shot and wouldn't hold enough of a charge to turn over the engine. Might be the same thing with you.

When you start the engine why do you lose radio settings?

Your battery terminals are most likely corroded or loose, but if you have no trouble starting the engine your radio constant power wire may be hooked up to a circuit that only works with the key on.

How do you turn a 2011 wrangler off?

Grab the key you inserted and turned to start it and rotate it back toward you, the engine will stop.

Why wont my 88 Chevy Blazer start?

There has to be more information before the question can be answered. Does the engine crank when the ignition is turned? There are three things an engine must have to be able to start. You must have fuel, fire, and air. If one of those is missing then it will not start.

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