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Goto Autozone, or wherever and buy a Haynes manual for the car for something like $20. It is not a hard job, but you need to do it right or they will seize. Good luck.

First, remove the front axle bolt with the wheel on the ground, then jack it up, remove the tire. Remove brake caliper, brake pads, tie rod ends, upper and lower balljoint ( suggest to use a BFH to remove the balljoints). Remove the whole arms. Lay the arms on the 2 wooden block, remove 4 (12mm bolts) from the back of the rotor. Slightly insert the bolts back to the tap holes and hit 4 bolts to separate the rotor from the hub housing. Once the rotor is separated, the hub contain bearing. Bearing must be pressed out using a press. Suggest to use NSK bearing cost around $50/each. If you don't have a press, take to the shop, labor around $20-$40 each bearing to press in/ out. Once the bearing is pressed it, install the rotor back to the hub, tighten the (4) 12 mm bolts and the rest is just the reversal.

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2015-07-15 21:24:56
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Q: How do you replace front wheel bearings on a 1988 Honda Accord?
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