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Frank Sinatra Jr is still alive and is 1.73m tall

His father, Frank Sinatra was 1.71m

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Francis Sinatra is 5' 10".

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Q: How tall was frank Sinatra jr?
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What is Frank Sinatra Jr.'s birthday?

Frank Sinatra Jr. was born on January 10, 1944.

What were frank Sinatra's children's names?

Nancy, the oldest, Frankie, and then Tina Sinatra.

Who is the new Frank Sinatra?

Actually yes. Franklin Wayne Sinatra is the only son of entertainer Frank Sinatra. He is known as Frank Sinatra, Jr. 1

Did Melissa sue Anderson date frank Sinatra?

She dated Frank Sinatra Jr. , not Sr.

Is Nikki Sixx a child of Frank Sinatra?

Yes No, I doubt Sinatra had ever heard of, much less fathered Nikki Sixx. He did have three kids: Nancy Sinatra, Jr, Frank Sinatra, Jr. and Tina Sinatra. He is originally Frank Carlton Freanna Jr. He's from the same area New Jersey.

What actors and actresses appeared in Frank Sinatra Jr. with Family and Friends - 1969?

The cast of Frank Sinatra Jr. with Family and Friends - 1969 includes: Nancy Sinatra as herself

Who is the parent of Michael Sinatra?

Michael Sinatra is the son of Frank Wayne Sinatra , a.k.a Frank Sinatra Jr. He was born 1 March 1987 and now he lives in Japan.

Who voices Frank Sinatra Jr on Family Guy?

Frank voiced himself

Is Courtney hazlett the daughter of Frank Sinatra jr?

No, she is not. Courtney Hazlett grew up in Murrysville, PA and is a graduate of Franklin Regional High School there. Frank Sinatra, Jr. has no connection.

How many children did Frank Sinatra jr have?

He has no children that I know about.-----Joe Silvestro

How old is Frank Sinatra Jr.?

Frank Sinatra Jr. died on March 16, 2016 at the age of 72 years old in Daytona Beach, Florida (birthdate: January 10, 1944).

Does Frank Sinatra have grandchildren?

No.Frank Sinatra has three grandchildren: Amanda Lambert, AJ Lambert, and Michael Sinatra. Nancy Sinatra is the mother of Amanda and AJ. Michael is Frank Sinatra Jr.'s son. None of the grandchildren are parents yet.