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do the headlights not work usually the switch is ok the problem may be the integrated controll module which is the silver metal module screwed into tha front of the fuse controls power to many items in the truck the headlights includedits like a big electronic relay when it gets signal from headligth switch it turns them on.alot of times it can be reset by disconnecting the negative battery for 5 minutes. then reconnect and try your lights if you are all set you will need a module still but wil know what is wrong

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Q: How to replace Headlight switch troubleshooting on 2003 dodge ram?
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How do you replace headlight on 1998 dodge truck?

Do you have to remove the battery and battery holder?la

How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2007 Dodge Caravan?

1) open the hood. 2) Carefully remove the three screws holding the headlight assembly in place. In my case the screws were black. Be careful as they are screwed into plastic. 3) Carefully slide the headlight assembly out. At this point you can replace the headlight bulb, turn signal bulb, or the entire headlight assembly. To replace the headlight bulb turn the collar holding the bulb in counter clockwise. Pull the bulb out of the headlight assembly. Replace the bulb. Insert the bulb into the headlight assembly insert the collar and turn clockwise until it locks. 4) Carefully insert the headlight assembly back into place. 5) Replace the three screws removed in step 2 being carefull not to over tighten.

Where is the inertia switch on a 2002 dodge stratus?

Dodge does not use inertia/reset switches

Lights only work when you hold the brights lever back anyone know whats the problem or how to fix of a 1993 dodge Dakota?

There are two circuits at the multifunction switch lever. One is for the flash to pass. The other is the normal high/low beam circuit. The two most likely problems are a lack of power from the headlight switch, or a broken wire at the multifunction switch connector. The second is prone to happening if you tilt the wheel frequently.

Replace upper ball joints on dodge 2500 pickup?

I've done it on a 1996 ram 1500 it's a pain and you have no choice but to replace both the upper and lower

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1994 Dodge Dakota the headlights tail lightsdashboard panel lights and brake light will not turn on?

replace the headlight switch its wore out replace the headlight switch its wore out

How do you replace Headlight Assembly on a 1999 dodge durango?

With another Headlight Assembly that is made for a 1999 Dodge Durango.

How do you change a headlight switch on a 1996 dodge 2500?


How do you replace the back-light bulb in the headlight switch of a 2001 Dodge Durango?

Pull the switch and change bulb in rear. 1 for night light and 2nd for fog light indicator.

Does another vehicle have the same headlight switch as a 98 dodge 2500?


Where is fog light switch Dodge Durango?

pull the headlight switch out no newer vehicles its right on the side of headlamp switch just push on

Where is the horn on a 2002 Dodge neon located?

it is behind the passenger side headlight assembly. you will have to remove the headlight assembly to replace it.

How do you replace turn signal switch 1996 dodge caravan?

To replace the turn signal switch of a 1996 Dodge Caravan, open the engine's hood to access the front turn signal bulbs. Then take the headlight assembly a little off the front to give room to get the bulbs. Remove the old turn signal switch and slip the new one in place.

How do you turn fog lights on a 97 dodge ram?

Pull out on the headlight switch, and then press the fog light switch button in.

How do you replace headlight on 1998 dodge truck?

Do you have to remove the battery and battery holder?la

Where is the switch for fog lights for dodge laramie 2500 2004?

It's part of the headlight switch. With the headlights on, just pull the switch straight out towards you.

How can I Replace a headlight switch for a 1996 Dodge Dakota?

Headlight Switch REMOVAL & INSTALLATION1996 DakotaDisconnect the negative battery cable.Remove the steering column cover and remove the instrument panel bezel. Two screws are hidden behind the steering column cover.Remove the screws from the headlight switch bezel, pull the assembly out and disconnect the wiring.Remove the nut retaining the bezel to the bracket. Depress the spring button on the right side of the switch and remove the headlight switch knob and stem.Remove the spanner nut and remove the switch.The installation is the reverse of the removal procedure.

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