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In case you decide to go ahead I've done it before, in the rain and in a dirt parking lot, sometimes you don't get to choose. raised the back up as high as I could and blocked it with jack stands, then I positioned the floor jack under the tank. I loosened all the tank strap bolts and then took the weight off the tank with the jack, then I removed the two rear tank strap bolts and let the tank drop in the back slowly so I could see the connections. I then removed the electrical connections and hoses from the top and lowered the tank to the ground where I could replace the fuel pump. When I got ready to put it back in I slid the tank onto the strap ends that were hanging down from the front and pushed that side up into position while supporting the back, from there I set all the connections again, after that it was just wrangling the tank into position so I could bolt the straps again.

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You don't! Remove as much gasoline from the tank as possible before removal.

Oh... but I did...there is an anti siphon screen at the tank...makes it hard to drain it... and it went fine... thanx n e ways

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2016-08-30 19:04:47
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Q: How would you drop a fuel tank that is full in a 1988 Olds Cutlass Supreme to change the fuel pump?
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