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A vacuum leak, or one of the doors is sticking/bad vacuum motor in the heater box.

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Q: What could the problem be on 1988 Ford Aerostar when AC blows air out dash vents and floor but heater and defrost do not blow any air at all?
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My heater blows very little warm air on my 1996 doge 1500 truck?

Thermostat stuck open, heater core clogged, or the heater temperture control vlalve is defective.

1999 dodge caravan heater blows cold air?

First thing to check is open hood and feel heater hoses going into heater core located on r/s of vehilcle if sitting in driver seat.If they are both very hot and feel the same temp,blend door in heater box is not operating correctly.If one heater hose is hot and the other is cooler than chances are the heater core is plugged.In either case a professional would be your best bet for repair.Hope info was helpful.

What is wrong with your heater 97 Ford Taurus GL new thermostat new overflow tank no leaks never overheats Heater blows hot air for about a minute then turns luke warm to cold?

heater core plugged under dashAnswer If flushing the heater core doesn't solve the problem, the next step is to check the operation of the blend door. This model has problems with the door breaking and failing to control air flow through the heater core, appearing like the core is bad. Check for pictures, diagnostic information, and a fix.

The starter and fuel pump fuse blows in our 2001 chrysler sebring a lot almost every time it rains what could be the problem?

If it blows while driving, I would replace the fuel pump. If it blows when trying to start, I would replace the starter.

Blows out cold air threw defroster but not the ac vents?

Check for vacuum leak either under hood or under dash Check for bad vacuum actuator under dash Defrost is the default setting

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Why would your heat only work on defrost?

ihave a 1986 chevette that when i turn defrost on it blows out heat and when i put heater on it blows out only cold air? ihave a 1986 chevette that when i turn defrost on it blows out heat and when i put heater on it blows out only cold air?

Why 2005 Dodge stratus heater ac clima control blows hot air all the the time and when set to defrost it blows straight when set straight blows to the defrost?

You either have a bad controller or a bad actuator.........

What is the problem with my Defroster blows cold air but the vent and heater blows nothing in your 1999 Ford Taurus?

Could this be 2 separate problems?Stuck in defrost modeNo heatSee "Related Questions" below for more about both

Why heat blows out vents only not defrost or floor?

Most likely a bad or disconnected vacuum hose to the defrost/floor selector in the heater ducting.

Why would you smell antifreeze through your defrost?

Blown Heater Core - The heater fan blows past the heater core and if it has a hole in it your antifreeze ios being blown onto your windshield.

What is the Defrost of meat display cases?

electric defrost, using an electric heater that the air from the evap fans blows over and defrosts the coil, usually time initiated temperature terminated

Why Mitsubishi heater problem?

Whats the problem? Blows cold air with the heat settings on?

2002 heater blows air but no heat?

Clogged Heater core... common problem with 2002 dodge

Why wont your heater change from feet to defrost but blows out hot air still?

most likely your heater controls run via vacuum lines. cracked or broken lines could cause this.

Why does ac and heater on 2000 f350 blow air through defrost when another position is selected ac clutch clicks and air still only blows through defrost?

You have vacuum line leaks somewhere.

2002 Oldsmobile Alero only blows warm air when heater is on and only when its on defrost?

Could be,a stuck open thermostat,low on coolant,plugged heater core,faulty temp blend door actuator,

Why does heater defrost vent not open on a 1989 Sunbird and cold air blow from dash vents but no air blows from heater defrost vents and where are the enter and exit hoses for the heater coil?

I don't know why the vent would not open for the defrost, but it may be related to the fact that your heater core is blown. If your getting nothing but cold air out of the vents when the heat is on, your core is finished and if the core is finished then it is likely related to your vent not opening/switching. Something''s wrong with your heating either way.