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The evaporator is part of the ac system. It removes heat energy from the air.

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Q: What is an evaporator in a car?
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Where is the evaporator drain located on a 1999 town car?

Under the Evaporator housing.

Where is the evaporator on a 1999 Maxima?

On a 1999 Maxima the Evaporator is located on the left side of the car behind the fuel tank

What is an air conditioner evaporator?

An air conditioner evaporator is the part of the a/c system that the heat in your car transfers to causing cool air to blow from your vents. The blower is in front of it and it sucks air from the inside of your car and across the evaporator then blows out your vents.

Why does your car air conditioner stinks?

wet debris on evaporator

What are the components of car ac?

Condenser, Evaporator,Compressor,Accumlator

Where is the evaporator drain?

It varies from car to car. Most of the time it is some where along the bulkhead/firewall.

What is suction?

An A/C compressor sucks refrigerant gas from the evaporator inside the car and compresses it into high pressure liquid. So the tubing that goes from the evaporator inside the car to the compressor is called the suction line.

Where is the fuel tank evaporator on a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country?

If you mean the evaporator canister it is under the car on the left side just about under the driver seat.

How do you clean ac evaporator of car?

Cleaning the evaporator isn't a regular maintenance item. They're mounted inside a sealed case, and in most cases you have to remove the dash to access it. Sometimes evaporators leak, preventing the AC from working and need to be replaced, but there's really no benefit to cleaning an evaporator on a car.

Can a clogged filter cause an evaporator to freeze?

A dirty cabin air filter in your car or a dirty air filter in your home can reduce the amount of air that goes across the evaporator. When that happens, you aren't pulling enough heat out of your home/car and the AC lines including the evaporator, can freeze and completely block the air.

How do you replace the orifice tube on your nissan maxima?

you don't, the car has an expansion valve by the evaporator.

How do you get the musty smell out of a car air conditioner?

Unplug clogged evaporator drain plug.

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