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If it hesitates when you floor it and, if the car has over 50K miles, my bet is that the fuel filter is clogged up.

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Q: Why would your car feel like it is going to turn off when you kick down the gas pedal?
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What would cause brake pedal to feel soft?

Typically, that comes from having air in the lines.

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It seems like there might be air in your brake system. You should try bleeding your brakes and filling it with fresh brake fluid.

Why does a brake pedal feel soft?

Your brake pedal feels soft, one reason for this could be

How does the normal pedal feel when the abs is activated during hard brake?

The brake pedal vibrates.

Why would your brake pedal feel soft when you press it?

Air in the brake system. You need to bleed the air out of the system.

What would cause a popping feel against the gas pedal when the power steering is out?

probably means you are running out of gas

A low pedal reserve with a hard feel would be caused by?

Worn linings, bad hydraulic problem, adjustment problem

How do you adjust the clutch on ford aerostar 1993?

All the information I can find says the same thing. There is no adjustment for clutch cable or linkage due to the system is hydraulically driven. If you are experiencing clutch pedal squeaks, or uneven feel when you push the pedal in, try spraying the pedal bushing with a penetrating oil and work the pedal up and down.

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