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The spark plug gap can cause the RPMs to fluctuate, while idling. The more probable cause of the fluctuating RPMs is a bad camshaft.

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Q: Will spark plug gap causes a RPM gauge to go up and down while idling?
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Car died while idling?

If the car dies while idling, the timing might be off. Other causes can include a clogged fuel filter or a bad spark plug.

Does bad spark plugs give you a rough idle?

Yes. Bad spark plugs, bad spark plug wires and a bad distributor cap are the common causes of rough idling. If it has been a while since you changed these components, do so.

What causes my jeep to stall while idling?

There are several things that can cause your Jeep to stall while idling. The timing may be off or your fuel filter may be clogged.

What causes a 1986 Oldsmobile to stall while in gear but runs good while idling?

it maybe just a timing problem

What would cause the 92 Ford Aerostar to stall while idling?

The most likely cause of a 1992 Ford Aerostar stalling while idling is bad spark plugs. The plugs should be changed and the timing checked to resolve the problem.

How can you check if your getting spark on a 1993 Ford Probe?

if you pull out one of the wires turn the car on while its idling you should hear a clicking coming from the spark plug well

What causes squeaking noise while idling?

One of your belts may be loose or in need of belt dressing.

What causes a car to cut off while idling?

my experiencess with vehicles that cut out while idleing would be a fuel filter or fuel pump problem.

What causes a gas fumes on a Nissan maxima while it's idling and you're inside the car?

A bad exhaust will cause gas fumes to get inside the Nissan Maxima while it is idling. Gas fumes, if contained in an enclosed space, is dangerous.

What can make a 350 miss while driving but not idling?

A bad spark plug(s), a bad spark plug wire(s), and bad distributor cap and or rotor. Time for a good tune up.

What causes a 2001 vw to shut off intermittently while idling or driving at slow speed?

check the crank shaft actuator?

What is the problem if a 1993 Nissan Maxima is shaking while idling?

May be that one of the cylinders is not firing. Check spark plugs for oil/any other obvious damage.

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