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Perspective allowed the artists to create images that looked real. Artist were able to construct an image that appeared to have depth, meaning that is it did look flat on the canvas.

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Q: Explain How perspective influence renaisance artists?
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When did the Italian Renaisance end?

The Renaissance itself went on, but after the French invaded Florence, most of the artists fled and the Renaissance moved elsewhere.

Why didn't artists master perspective before the renaissance?

Artists didn't need to use perspective or create the illusion of depth.

How did perspective influence renaissance artists?

Perspective allowed the artists to create images that looked real. Artists were able to construct an image that appeared to have depth, meaning that is it did like look flat on the canvas. The technique of making objects in the background smaller than the objects in the foreground generates a realistic, lifelike look within the painting. This led to the beginning and growth of realistic artwork during the Renaissance.

What were some famous individuals of the rennaisance?

Donatello, Leonardo da Vinci, RaphaelSanzio, Michaelangelo Buonarotti. Are all famous Renaisance artists turned Ninja Turtles.

Albertis major influence on renaissance painting was in what area?

One major area in which Alberti had a significant influence on Renaissance painting was in the development of perspective. Alberti's treatise "On Painting" outlined the principles of linear perspective, allowing artists to create more realistic and three-dimensional representations of space on a two-dimensional surface. This revolutionized painting and became a fundamental technique used by artists during the Renaissance and beyond.

What Northern Renaissance artists did not use perspective in his paintings?


Roman artists were most heavily influenced by artists from?

Artists from ancient Greece were the biggest influence for the Roman artists.

Which of these Italian artists had the greatest stylistic influence on artists of the Baroque period?


Explain the artistic techniques of perspective and chiaroscuro?

Perspective is a method that makes a drawing or painting look three-dimensional. Artists had tried to use perspective before, but Renaissance artists perfected it. Using perspective, objects in a scene appear to be at different distances away from the viewer. The result is a more realistic image. To make their paintings more realistic, artists had also used a technique called chiaroscuro. Chiaroscuro softened edges by using light and shadows instead of stiff outlines to separate objects. In Italian, chiaro means "clear or light," and oscuro means "dark." Chiaroscuro created more drama and emotion in a painting.

What helps artists create realistic drawings?

A knowlege of perspective and practice.

Who are the artists who uses one point perspective in his or her work art?


Why does the art of ancient Egypt appear to be flat?

Artists did not yet know how to use perspective and so the art appears flat.