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Q: How does Lorenzo DE Medici describe other members of the College of Cardinals?
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What do Catholic Cardinals do?

The Titular pastors of the parishes of Rome comprise the Sacred College of Cardinals. They are appointed by the reigned Holy Father, and their primary responsibility is to elect the next Pope. According to Canon Law, all Cardinals must now be priests.

Who elects new popes?

The College of Cardinals is the body that selects a new pope. This group consists of all members of the clergy with the title of cardinal which are under the age of 80. Although it is not mandatory to do so, the College of Cardinals has elected a new pope from among themselves in every Papal Conclave since 1378. As per Catholic tradition, any unmarried, baptized, adult male member of the Catholic Church may be elected by the College. The College is also the chief body that advises the Pope when the pontiff summons a consistory (formal meeting of all cardinals) to Rome.

How would you use the word conclave in a sentence?

The word conclave is a singular, common noun for a secret or confidential meeting; a meeting of family members or associates; the closed apartments where the college of cardinals meet to elect a new Pope; or a meeting of the college of cardinals. Example sentence: We held a family conclave to discuss how we could help the flood victims.

Where did the idea cardinals in the Catholic Church come from?

The College of Cardinals is composed of those members of the clergy who elect a new Pope. Originally, the clergy of Rome elected the new Pope upon the death of the old one. So the College of Cardinals originated in the clergy of Rome. The College of Cardinals is composed of Cardinal Bishops, Cardinal priests, and Cardinal deacons. The bishops were originally the bishops of the Rome diocese. Early Christian Rome was divided into seven sections, each administered by a deacon, that is the origin of the Cardinal deacons. Cardinal priests are descended from the original priests of Rome and they still hold titular titles as priests of the various titular churches in Rome from when Rome was divided into various parishes in the fifth and sixth centuries.

What do Cardinal do?

The cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church have two key jobs, advising the current pope and electing a new pope. The cardinals as a body offer their advice to the pope in two ways: -- Through their membership in Vatican congregations or other departments of the Roman Curia, the church's central administrative offices. -- Through their membership in the College of Cardinals, which the pope can convoke to discuss substantive questions facing the church. Cardinals who are resident in Rome meet more frequently to discuss the major decisions the pope is facing. The College of Cardinals has three ranks: -- Cardinal bishops, a group that includes only six Latin-rite cardinals, one of whom is elected dean of the College of Cardinals. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the current Pope Benedict XVI, was the dean at the time of his election. He was succeeded by Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Vatican secretary of state. -- Cardinal priests, most of whom are diocesan bishops, although some senior curial officials also hold the rank. -- Cardinal deacons, most of whom are curial officials. Cardinals wear a distinctive orange-tinged red cassock and biretta in solemn ceremonies. During ordinary liturgical rites they wear a red skullcap. Pope Paul VI decreed that the College of Cardinals would have a maximum of 120 active members. Since 1970, those over 80 have not been counted as active. Although the retired cardinals are not eligible to vote in a conclave to elect a new pope, they still are considered advisers to the pope, and they are invited to participate in the meetings of the College of Cardinals in preparation for a conclave.

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The members of your states Electoral College

What members of the court and household attend the king in the mornings?

well the king, finnace concil and the cardinals

What members of the court and household attended the king in the mornings?

well the king, finnace concil and the cardinals

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well the king, finnace concil and the cardinals

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What is the Catholic clergy?

Priests, Deacons, Bishops, Cardinals, Monsignor's, the Pope, are all members of the Catholic clergy.