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Q: How was the renaissance a majour turning point in history?
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What was the renissence?

The Renaissance was a period in European history marked by an educational high point. Many conditions joint to flicker the Renaissance, and this period in history was marked by huge changes for people living in Europe. The term is also used commonly to talk about a sudden explosion in the arts and culture. It is believed that the Renaissance arose in 14th century Italy, as Europe was slowly rising from the Middle Ages. Different historians have unique takes on what, exactly, brought about the Renaissance, but they generally agree that it was a recovery of Classical learning and the arts.

How did the arts evolve during the renaissance?

Art during the renaissance was innovative in its design and controversial in its subjects. The new art was both realistic and beautiful. The city of Florence became the center of one of the most concentrated and productive periods in the history of the arts. The most significant innovation in painting during the Renaissance was the use of linear perspective. Early Renaissance artists developed a system for creating depth using the horizon line and the vanishing point.

What Early Renaissance technique did Perugino use to create a sense of space in this painting?

Many Renaissance painters used one-point perspective to create a sense of space in their works.

Give an example of a new compositional technique that that was developed during the renaissance?


How did the city states such as Venice and Milan and Florence contribute to the Renaissance?

Many city sates were the starting point in cultural ideas. Many philosophers from city states brought back education from Greek, early Egyptian, and even Mesopotamian times. Art in the renaissance was more about normal people, not just religion as it had been in Medieval times.

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One major characteristic of the Renaissance period?

The Renaissance was a major turning point in history with many advancements. One major characteristic of it was that classical styles of the ancient Greek culture were revived and imitated.

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