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advantages and disadvantages

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What are advantages and disadvantages of natural seasoning

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Q: What are advantages and disadvantages of artificial seasoning of timber?
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What are the types of timber used in seasoning?

As fresh timber which is obtained from trees contains about 30 to 40 % sap or moisture. This sap is very harmful for the life of a timber. Therefore, it is necessary to remove that sap by applying some special methods. All those methods which are used for removing the sap from timber are collectively termed as seasoning of timber. Types of Timber Seasoning: The main types of timber seasoning are as under. (1)Natural Seasoning, (2)Artificial Seasoning, (a) Kiln Seasoning, (b) Chemical Seasoning, (c) Electric Seasoning, (3) Water Seasoning

Advantages and disadvantages of the two types of seasoning?

1) Air Seasoning Advantages : No expensive equipment needed, Environmentally friendly Disadvantages :Takes longer than Kiln seasoning 2) Kiln Seasoning Advantages: Insects are killed during this process, Require little stacking space, Moisture content of the timber may be brought to any desired level Disadvantage: It is expensive , It gives a little weaker timber when compared to air seasoning

What are the defects of seasoning timber?

While seasoning, timber can warp, making it unuseful.

What is wood seasoning?

Seasoning of timber is the drying of timbers moisture content to a level below 22% by several methods, including Air seasoning, kiln seasoning or a combined of both. Seasoning of timber allows wood to be used for practical purposes whether it be for shaping, constructional purposes, what ever the need for timber, it must be seasoned.

How you improve timber lifetime?

there are lots of techniques by which we can improve the life of a timber like seasoning of timber,by applying different types preservatives coat before it is used.

State two purposes of seasoning timber?

because it needs to have increased dimensional stability, increased strength, an reduce weight issues

What is a artificial defect in a timber?

what is ariticial defects

What is monitored to reduce the amount of splitting in timber during seasoning?

Equilibrium Moisture Content

What is plantation timber and what are the advantages and disadvantages of growing and using plantation grown timber?

Plantation timber refers to trees grown on managed plantations for commercial purposes. Advantages include sustainable production, faster growth rates compared to natural forests, and reduced pressure on natural ecosystems. Disadvantages may include risks of monoculture, potential for soil degradation, and impacts on local biodiversity if not managed properly.

What are two disadvantages of timber knots?

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What is a timber pond?

A timber pond was basically an artificial pond of water for storing cut lengths of timber to prevent them becoming seasoned. Mainly used in ship building.

How can you make timber as a fire resistant material?

Timber can be made reasonably fireresistant by a. soaking it in Ammonium Sulphate b. coating with Tar paint c. pumping creosote oil into timber under high pressure d. seasoning process