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you can't figure out manufacture date from the vin. See

You can find out model year, however. See

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Q: What is the manufacture date of Mazda vin jm1gc2220f1600388?
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How do you find the date of manufacture of a Chevrolet car?

If it has the 17 digit vin, the 10th digit is the code date of manufacture.

What is the manufacture date of a BMW 528i using the VIN?

looking at VIN, 8th from the right is the year code

How do I find the manufacture date for a 2000 Polaris Xplorer ATV based on the VIN Vin 4XAAG25C5Y2441175?

Any 17 digit VIN can be decoded to reveal the information inside. However, the specific date of manufacture is not something that is typically contained in the VIN. Here's what your VIN looks like when run through a decoder: YEAR ON A POLARIS IS THE TENTH DIGIT IN THE VIN NUMBER A "Y" MEANS THAT IT IS A 2000

How do you find the date of manufacture of a 1999 Hyundai Elantra car?

You can probably find that out from your VIN number.

How do you find year of manufacture of international truck by chassis number?

It is easier to find date of mfr by the Vin #. 10th digit is code for year. -Google Vin codes.

Where is body date--final assembly date or code--what is it--located on a 1987 El Camino?

engine block should have a peice of stamped metal with your vin and manufacture date

What does your Mazda VIN mean?

VIN = Vehicle ID Number

How do you find the year of manufacture of a car?

The VIN number will identify the year of manufacture.

Where on a Chevy 350 is the number that indicates date of manufacture?

it is in the vin usually the 8th number from the front for 81 and newer and the 5th for 80 and older. the last six of the vin is stamped on the engine near the oil pan.

Does Toyota manufacture vehicles in the US?

Toyota does manufacture vehicles in the US. If the VIN starts with 2J, it is made in Japan. If the VIN starts with 4T, then it is made in the USA.

What year is an RM 250 with a VIN of JS1RJCX42102760?

2001. The tenth character of the VIN is the year of manufacture.

How do you find the date of manufacture of a BMW bike from a VIN?

TheBMW Motorcycle VIN Decoder:The VIN Decoder - enter the last 7 digits of a BMWmotorcycle VIN and it gives you the manufacture date!This is a complete vin number decoder and works also for BMW motorcyclesCopy & paste the following link in your address bar! only problem with this is that it only accepts "the last 7 digits of the number." Before 1970, BMW VINs were SIX digits. The website gives an error when you try to enter any serial number from a bike before 1970.The web site lies and says it is complete from 1928 to 2002.