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Yes, astronauts can jump higher on the moon than Earth because there is less gravity on the moon than on Earth. The Moon's low mass causes a force of gravity at the Moon's surface that is only about 1/6 of the force of gravity at the Earth's surface. A fully-equipped astronaut who weighs 270 pounds on Earth only weighs 45 pounds on the Moon. They must be careful though because their 123 kilogram mass is the same as on Earth, which means it is just as hard to speed up and just as hard to slow down; they must avoid the temptation to think that their reduced weight gives them reduced mass, which it doesn't.

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Q: Can Astronauts jump high on the moon because the moon has less mass than the earth?
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Why did the Astronauts jump high on the moon?

their is only one sixth the gravity on the moon compared to earth, so when you jump its like jumping in water, or throwing a feather or a piece of paper in the air.

Why doesnt the moon have enough gravity on it to pull us down?

It does. Astronauts on the moon can jump higher than they do on Earth but they still come back down. The moon's gravity is weaker than Earth's because the moon has less mass.

How high can an adult jump on Mars?

1 and a half of Earth jump height, approximately

How high can you jump on the moon?

you can jump about six time higher on the moon than you can here on earth.

'I foyu jump to high on the moon will you go into space'?

If you jump too high on any planet, you will go into space, especially Earth.

If there is no gravity why can an astronaut jump up and down?

Depends on where the astronaut is.If you're thinking of the moon, then an astronaut can jump up and down because there is gravity on the moon. It's just not as strong as on earth, so the astronauts can jump higher and farther.If you're talking about in deep space, or aboard the international space station, then the astronauts are not really jumping. They are pushing off the floor or walls, and will keep flying in the direction they pushed until they hit something or grab on to something.

Does Earth have more gravity than the Moon?

Yes. On the moon you can jump really high and you weigh less because there is less gravity weighing you down.

How high can a astronaut jump on on mars surface?

You can certainly jump lower anywhere. That's as easy as a contest to see who can talk softer. But you can also jump higher on Mars, because the acceleration of gravity on its surface is only about 38% of what it is on Earth's surface.

If you jump from two meter high on the earth how high would you be able to jump on moon?

Since resistance on the moon is 1/6 that of the earth, one simple answer could be 2 x 6 = 12 meters.

Why do the jumping spiders jump so high?

they jump so hog high because they need to be able to catch their prey

Why doesn't Earth fall towards us when you jump?

because the earth has good food

How high can you jump on mars in metric system?

The gravity on Mars is about 38% of Earth's gravity. Based on this, a person's jumping height would be roughly 2.6 times higher on Mars compared to Earth, assuming all other factors are the same. However, the actual height a person can jump on Mars would still depend on various factors like their strength, agility, and technique.