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Mercury is the fastest planet to revolve around the sun.

Venus is called the evening star because of its brilliance.

Earth is the only one known to support life.

Mars is called the red planet because of its hotness.

Jupiter known as the giant gas planet and largest planet.

Saturn is called the ringed planet.

Uranus was the first thought to be a comet.

Neptune is known to be the twin of Uranus.

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Q: Differentiate the 8 planets according to their feature?
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How many planets are there in the solor systym?

As of 2014, according to the IAU there are 8 planets.

Differentiate between a Planet and a Satellite?

Satellite is a gadget used to observe information about the space and planets are worlds where different creatures live and the planets are reflecting light.

How many planets in your solar systems?

8. Funny how you phrase it "your solar system"

How many planets are ther?

There are 8 planets.

What do the 8 planets orbit in?

The 8 planets orbit around the Sun, in ellipses.

What consists of 8 planets and a sun?

Our solar system consists of 8 planets and the sun, plus 5 dwarf planets and thousands of minor planets.

How long are the planets orbits?

8 planets orbit the sun

How many planets were there?

There were 9 planets.

What is the rhyme for the 8 planets?

* * * * * * * * *

Are there 8 planets from the sun?

There are eight true planets in our solar system.

What star has to most planets circling it?

The sun, with 8 known planets

8 equals p in the S s?

Literally, it says 8 is the planets in the Solar system. What that means is that there are 8 planets in the solar system.