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Only during a lunar eclipse, which can only happen during a full moon. The visible phases of the moon are caused by it changing its position relative to Earth and the sun. The visible portion is the moon's day side; the side facing toward the sun. The unlit portion is the night side, facing away from the sun.

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Q: Does earth blocks part of the sunlight that shines on the Moon's surface?
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When light comes from the sun does it shine straight on Jupiter and its moons or does it shine on Jupiter then from there the light reflects to Jupiter's moons?

It shines directly on both Jupiter and its moons. There is no reason it shouldn't, as, other than periodic eclipses from Jupiter, nothing blocks the sunlight from reaching those moons. The moons do get some reflected light from Jupiter as well, just as Earth gets some light from our moon.

In what month will the Northern Hemisphere receive the most direct sunlight?

In march if you look at a picture of the moons surface.

Why can planets and moons be seen?

Planets and moons can be seen because of the light that shines off of them in space.

Where does the light from the moon come from?

it comes from the sun. The sunlight reflects off of the moons surface, and goes to your eyes.

Why do full moons occur?

it is becuase the sun shines on the moon and when we look up we see the full moon because the moon is abouf the earth and the sunlight shines on the earth and the moon and we see it full and the other side is dark the moon revolve around earth so that is why we have diffrent frases

Is there a hole in the moon's surface?

the holes in the moons surface are where astroids hit the moons surface

How are the moons seen from the surface of Jupiter?

You would not be able to see the moons from the surface; Jupiter's atmosphere is too thick.

What is the earth's moons surface like?

The moons surface is covered with regolith. There are 2 main kinds of surface; maria and highlands. There are lots of craters and dust. the moons sky is always has no air or water

What created the moons surface?


Why do moons and planets appear to look shiny?

because they reflect sunlight

Why do no moons usually occur in the day?

The glare of sunlight dominates the sky.

Does Mercury surface has many craters?

Yes it is similar to the moons surface