What is present in the sun?

Updated: 8/9/2023
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Nothing living. But there is gas, solar flares, and basically HOTNESS!

Solar Flares can cause devices (Such as Cellphones, Computers, etc.) to act weirdly, very weirdly. That happened with my brother's cellphone, it kept on calling 9-1-1. Weird huh? I bet you don't believe this but, I'm a 9 year old answering this question and I'm in 3rd grade, BOO YAH!

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Mainly hydrogen and helium. Oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen are present in smaller amounts, and there are traces of just about every element.

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Q: What is present in the sun?
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How many element are in sun?

The sun's main present element is hydrogen.

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The Earth's aphelion - the farthest its present orbit takes it from the Sun - is 152,097,701 kilometres. The other point, the perihelion - the nearest it gets to the Sun on its present orbit - is 147,098,074 kilometres

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Because of high temperatures on the Sun

What need to be present for a plant to do photosynthesis?

Sun light .Chlorophyll also needs to be present in the plant.

What must be present for chlorophyll to exist in plants?

the sun

What element present about the sun?

Mainly hydrogen and helium.

Does the sun have cells?

No, cells are only present in organisms

How old is the sun today 2014?

The sun is about 4.75 billion years old at the present moment.

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No human being is present on the surface of the sun, nor has anyone ever visited there.