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The waning gibbous

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The waning crescent.

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Q: What moon is visible above the western horizon a couple of hours before sunrise?
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Visible near eastern horizon just before sunrise?

waning cresent

What moon is visible on the eastern horizon just before sunrise?

the waning crescent

What moon is visible near eastern horizon before sunrise?

Waning Crescent

Which phase of the moon visible near the eastern horizon an hour before sunrise?

waning cresent moon

What moon is visible above the eastern horizon a couple of hours before sunrise?

According to the book I have (Horizons by Seeds) it is the waning crescent

Why does sun seem to appear two minutes before actual sunrise?

the sun is visible to us about 2 minutes before the sunrise & about 2 minutes after actual sunset because of atmospheric refraction.By actual sunrise, we mean the actual crossing of the horizon by the sun. The time difference between actual sunset & the apparent sunset is about 2 minutes. The apparent flattening of the sun"s disc at sunrise & sunset is also due to the same phenomenon .

Who has sunrise first - Eastern or Western Europe?

The Sun rises in the East so Eastern Europe has Sunrise before Western Europe.

When will you be able to see Venus?

You can see it as a bright ''star'' in the sky, near the horizon. Venus is currently the "evening star" or "morning star" and will be visible either shortly before sunrise or shortly after sunset, depending on the calendar date.

When is Orion visible directly above the southern horizon?

Orion is visible during the early night during the winter. you look to the south and it should be there. by spring, it will be around the horizon(SSW-SW) at the same time(about 9-11 pm). in the summer, it's visible in the eastern sky just before sunrise. But you should see it again in Autumn, around NEN-E. All of this is from the perspective of North America.

Why is mercury not visible from earth?

It is visible, but not obviously as a planet. It is millions of miles away, and appears as a very bright star near the horizon, shortly before dawn or shortly after sunset. For some of the year, it is invisible because it appears too close to the Sun.

Most comets are found before the sunrise or the sunset?

All comets are found before sunrise or sunset. As a general rule comets are not visible in day light so they would be found after sunset

What time is dawn?

Dawn is the time that marks the beginning of the twilight before sunrise. It is recognized by the presence of weak sunlight, while the sun itself is still below the horizon. Dawn should not be confused with sunrise, which is the moment when the leading edge of the sun itself appears above the horizon