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he wondered if there was a reason that the planets closest to the sun move faster than the planets farther away.

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Q: What question was Kepler unable to answer?
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What scientific question were Copernicus and Kepler unable to answer?

The principle of Gravitational attraction which answers the questions earlier scientist was formulated by _______ Nekton and KeplerKepler and CopernicusLambert SharulIssac Newton

What is the diameter of the planet kepler?

There are lots of planets in the Kepler series. To answer your question, we need to know to which number Kepler you are asking about.

What yes or no question are not answerable by yes?

Are you asleep Are you dead Are you unable to understand this question Are you unable to respond to this question

Who was the first to propose elliptical orbits of the planets?

Johannes Kepler

The fact that each planets orbit is an ellipse was discovered by?

Johannes Kepler determined that all planets have elliptical orbits.

Who discovered planet Kepler?

There is no planet that is simply called "Kepler". The Kepler spacecraft discovered various planets, with names such as "Kepler-4b", "Kepler 11-d", etc.

The true shape of planetary orbits was discovered by?

Johannes Kepler was the first person to prove that all of the planets are in elliptical orbits, but he was unable to propose any mechanism that would cause this. Based largely on Kepler's work, Isaac Newton was able to invent the calculus of infinitesimals and to propose his law of universal gravitation, providing a mechanism that would cause the planets to behave in accordance with Kepler's laws. Newton's later comment "If I have seen further than other men, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants" was in direct reference to Kepler's essential contributions.

Who discovered Kepler-20e and kepler-20f?

NASA's space telescope "kepler"

Who discovered that planets have elliptical orbits?

Johannes Kepler proposed that these planets orbit the sun in ellipses, not circles. That is why we have Kepler's Law of Planetary Motion.

Who is responsible for developing the three laws of planetary motion?

I'm pretty sure you're thinking of Johannes Kepler.

What force is controlling the Moon's orbital period?

Gravitation. See the answer to the question concerning Johannes Kepler's accomplishments.

What star does Kepler 22b orbit?

Kepler-22b orbits the star Kepler-22.