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June 21st, or thereabouts, in the Northern Hemisphere.

Updated: Almost every day is 24 hrs, with exception of day light savings when clock is put forward an hour so that day is 23hrs, and when it ends, clock is put back an hour that day is 26 hrs long. So technically the longest day is the day daylight savings ends, which is different for most countries. ;-)

Now, if the real question is what day has the longest amount of day light or "day time", then that would probably match the answer someone gave above. Yeah someone could argue the term "day" refers to the day light hours, but then ask yourself, how many hours in a day, it's 24 right, we don't say around about 12 depending on time of year.

Another viewpoint: There are indeed several definitions of "day" and they are all correct. You just need to remember there could be some confusion and you may need to clarify what's meant in a particular case. With this question it's

pretty obvious that the amount of "daylight" in 24 hours is what's meant.

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On the surface of the Earth, I would expect the days to be the longest

at the north and south poles, where the sun stays above the horizon,

just going around and around the sky, for six months at a time.

Regarding the question of "when" ... If you split the year into two pieces, between

March 21 and September 21, then the piece with June 21 in the middle is light at the

north pole and dark at the south pole, and the piece with December 21 in the middle

is the opposite situation.

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The longest day of the year is the summer solstice, which is when the earth is the most tilted towards the sun, so the amount of light received is the most and the night is the shortest. If you are in the northern hemisphere it will be in June, around the 20th (it changes slightly every year) and if you're in the southern hemisphere it will be around the same date in December

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Each day is exactly the same length, 86,400 seconds.

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Q: Where and when would you expect days to be the longest in the year?
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What is the shortest year to longest year?

Neptune has the longest year( Pluto would be but it isn't a planet) Mercury has the shortest year(1 year=88 earth days)

What is the number of days that the planet 's revolve around the sun?

You would have to find the planet with the longest year and that would be your answer because as you knoe Earths year is 365 (about) days and Mercurys is 88 days so....

How many sunny days a year in Eugene Oregon?

I am a resident of Joseph and my estimate would be about 145 days.

What are solstices and?

The're the longest and shortest days of the year!

Which month of the year has early sunrises and late sunsets?

In the northern hemisphere, this would be June, while in the southern hemisphere it would be December. The longest days of the year are always around the summer solstice when the sun shines the longest in that particular hemisphere.

During which season are the days longest?

The longest day of the year is June 21 in the UK.

What are equinox and solstices?

The're the longest and shortest days of the year!

What is an abundant year?

An abundant year is an example of a longest possible year in the Jewish calendar, either a common year of 355 days or a leap year of 385 days.

What country has the longest school year in the?

Its japan with about 240 days of school.

The longest day and longest night of Alaska is what?

Quote from a related question: "Alaska has the longest day of the year in the U.S. No sunset for 82 days in summer. Alaska also has the longest night with no sunrise for 67 days in winter"

When during the year are the days longest?

The longest day of the year would be when the clocks are turned back in the fall. This is when you gain an extra hour so that day has 25 hours instead of the normal 24 hours.

What planet's days are longer than one earth year?

None. Venus has the longest rotation period of 243 days, less than a year.