How many ohms are in an amp?

Updated: 10/3/2023
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Scroll down to related links and look at "Ohm's law - calculator and formulas".

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Perhaps you mean the output impedance of a power amplifier. That is always less than 0.1 ohms.

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Q: How many ohms are in an amp?
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How to wire and amp down to 0.3 ohms?

You can wire and amp down to 0.3 ohms by decreasing its windings.

Can you connect 2 amps to run a subwoofer?

If your sub is 2 ohms and your amp is 2 ohm stable, your done. Your amp will be at 2 ohms because the sub is 2 ohms.

If two four ohm single voice coil subs are wired in parallel how many ohms will be on the amp?

Two four ohm speakers in parallel is two ohms. Make sure the amp is rated for that load impedance, or you could damage it.

How many ohms in a amp fuse?

An amp fuse does not have a specific resistance in ohms. The resistance of a fuse is very low, usually in the milliohm range, and is designed to blow (open) when the current exceeds a certain threshold to protect the circuit.

How many ohms are in an watt?

They're are not related. Watts are measurement of power while Ohms are measurement of resistance. One watt equals one volt times one amp.

How you bridge 2 ohms subwofers?

You bridge the amp not the sub.

How many watts is a kicker impulse 352xi amp?

The Kicker Impulse 352xi amp has a maximum power output of 35 watts per channel x 2 channels at 4 ohms or 35 watts x 2 channels at 2 ohms.

What is the example of worded using ohms law?


What is the current for 20 volts and 2 ohms?

1 amp.

What would be better keeping your 12 inch kicker dvc at 2ohm or wiring them for 4 ohm?

Car stereos are designed for 4-8 ohms loads unbridged (8 ohms bridged). So wire it for 4 ohms. If you use a separate amp for the speaker then refer to the amp's documentation - most are designed to operate with standard 4 ohms unbridged and may also have provision for 2 ohms unbridged (or 4 ohms bridged).

How many amps would it take to kick a 15 amp breaker with 7 ohms resistance on a 277 volt circuit?

A 15 amp circuit breaker should trip at 15 amps regardless of the load voltages or impedances. If you have 277 volts and 7 ohms, the current would be 39.5 amps and a 15 amp circuit breaker should trip.

How many 30watt speakers can a 240watt amplifier drive?

Depends on the amp and type of speakers brand and ratings would be nice info u also need to look at ohms of the amp and the speakers