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Charles Dickens, like Pip in Great Expectations, wanted to be a gentleman. As the oldest son, he planned to attend a boarding school and continue his higher education at Oxford or Cambridge. When he was about twelve, however, his parents put him to work in a blacking factory for some months and his education was temporarily discontinued. He later studied at a minor school and became the equivalent of a court reporter (a very difficult job). His dream was realized as his writings brought him financial success and undreamt-of fame.

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Charles Dickens dreamed of becoming a lawyer when he was a child. He also harbored aspirations of being an actor and in his later years, he pursued his passion for writing and became a successful novelist.

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Q: What childhood dreams did Charles Dickens have?
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Why would Charles dickens not tell his wife some of his childhood?

He didn't want to.

Did Charles Dickens have a sister?

Dickens had three sisters: Frances Elizabeth (Fanny) Dickens (1810-1848) Letitia Mary Dickens (1816-1893) Harriet Dickens (1819-?) died in childhood

What is Charles Dickens childhood hobbies?

Charles Dickens had a variety of hobbies during his childhood, including reading, writing stories, acting, and drawing. He was particularly fond of putting on plays and performances for his family and friends. These childhood hobbies likely influenced his later writing career and interest in theater.

When did Charles get married?

Charles Dickens got married in April of 1837 to Catherine Hogarth. You are a year out in your dating. Charles Dickens married Catherine Hogarth on 2 April 1836 at St Lukes Church in Chelsea. Their honeymoon was at Chalk in Kent an area where Dickens had spent part of his childhood.

Where did Charles Dickens ge his inspiration?

He had no certain inspiration. However, his childhood definitely affected the style of his books. I would say his inspiration was his bitter childhood.

What was Dickens' father's weakness?

Charles Dickens' father, John Dickens, had a weakness for living beyond his means and accumulating debt. This financial irresponsibility led to several periods of financial instability for the family during Charles' childhood.

What was Roald Dahl's favorite book in childhood?

Road Dahl read the entire works of Charles Dickens as a child.

Where was Charles dickens first home?

He mostly spent his childhood and life in London, England. There he lived a happy life, until his father and family went to jail because of debt. Charles had to work off the debt for his family. The inspiration from "A Christmas Carol" came from this experience.

What is Charles Dickens whole name?

His full name was Charles John Huffam Dickens

Why did Charles dickens idyllic childhood come to a end?

His father was thrown into the Debtors' Jail and he was forced to work in a London factory.

How Charles dickens events that happen in his childhood that affected his writing?

he wrote in his journal during his job, and so he got fired.

What is Charles Dickens' first name?

Charles John Huffam Dickens Nickname-Boz He used his nickname in the early of his writing career.