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Edward Stratemeyer has written:

'The Rover Boys on Land and Sea; or, The Crusoes of the Seven Islands'

'Dave Porter at Star ranch'

'First at the North Pole, or, Two boys in the Arctic Circle' -- subject(s): Juvenile fiction, Discovery and exploration

'Dave Porter under fire' -- subject(s): World War, 1914-1918, Juvenile fiction

'Mexican War Series'

'The Rover Boys in the Jungle Or, Stirring Adventures in Africa'

'The Rover Boys at Colby Hall'

'Dave Porter's great search'

'Young Explorers of the Amazon'

'Dave Porter and his double'

'Dave Porter on Cave Island'

'Richard Dare's Venture, or Striking Out for Himself'

'The Rover Boys in Camp'

'The Rover Boys at Colby Hall; or, The Struggles of the Young Cadets'

'The Rover Boys on Treasure Isle'

'The last cruise of the Spitfire'

'Under Dewey at Manila, or, The war fortunes of a castaway'

'The Rover Boys out West; or, The Search for a Lost Mine'

'Rover Boys on Treasure Isle or the Strange Cruise of the Steam Yacht'

'The Rover boys in the land of luck, or, Stirring adventures in the oil fields'

'The Rover Boys on the Great Lakes'

'Colonial Series'

'True to Himself'

'Under Otis in the Philippines, or, A young officer in the tropics' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Spanish-American War, 1898

'The Rover Boys in Camp: Or'

'The Gun club boys of Lakeport'

'The Rover Boys on the River The Search for the Missing Houseboat'

'The baseball boys of Lakeport'

'With Custer in the Black Hills'

'Young explorers of the Isthmus' -- subject(s): Juvenile fiction

'The Putnam hall champions'

'The young bandmaster' -- subject(s): Spanish-American War, 1898, Fiction

'Chased across the Pampas, or, American boys in Argentina and homeward bound'

'The Putnam hall mystery'

'Three young ranchmen'

'Fighting in Cuban waters; or'

'Shorthand Tom, the reporter; or, The exploits of a bright boy'

'On to Pekin' -- subject(s): History, Fiction

'The automobile boys of Lakeport, or, A run for fun and fame'

'Defending his flag' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Fiction, History, United States Civil War, 1861-1865

'The Rover Boys in Camp or, The Rivals of Pine Island'

'Dave Porter's return to school; or, Winning the medal of honor'

'The Rover boys on the plains'

'For the Liberty of Texas' -- subject(s): Fiction, History

'With Washington in the West or A Soldier Boy's Battles in the Wilderness'

'Dave Porter at Oak Hall, or, The schooldays of an American boy'

'Under MacArthur In Luzon'

'The Rover Boys in the Jungle'

'Dave Porter at Star Ranch Or The Cowboy's Secret'

'On to Pekin, or, Old glory in China' -- subject(s): Fiction, History

'The minute boys of Lexington' -- subject(s): Fiction, Juvenile fiction, Concord, Battle of, Concord, Mass., 1775, Lexington, Battle of, Lexington, Mass., 1775, History

'The Rover Boys at School; or, The Cadets of Putnam Hall'

'The Rover boys at school'

'The Rover Boys in the Air; or, from College Campus to the Clouds'

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Edward Stratemeyer was a prolific writer of juvenile fiction, best known for creating series such as the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and the Bobbsey Twins. He outlined plots for his books and hired ghostwriters to pen the stories under various pseudonyms.

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Q: What has the author Edward Stratemeyer written?
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How many series has Edward stratemeyer written?

About 3

Who was the book The Mystery of the 99 Steps really written by?

Harriet Stratemeyer Adams was Edward Stratemeyer's (the creator of the Nancy Drew series) daughter and also the real author of The Mystery of the 99 Steps.

Who is the author of The Rover Boys?

Edward Stratemeyer is the author of The Rover Boys book series

What is Edward Stratemeyer's birthday?

Edward Stratemeyer was born on October 4, 1862.

When was Edward Stratemeyer born?

Edward Stratemeyer was born on October 4, 1862.

Where was edward l stratemeyer born?

Edward Stratemeyer was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, U.S.

How many books Edward stratemeyer written?

Edward Stratemeyer wrote 160 long stories published as books and owned many more through his Stratemeyer Syndicate (established 1905). He also wrote many short stories and serials for periodicals which were not published as books.

What has the author Florence Barbara Stratemeyer written?

Florence Barbara Stratemeyer has written: 'Rating elementary school courses of study' -- subject(s): Curricula, Education

When is the author of Nancy Drew birthday?

Edward Stratemeyer was born on October 4, 1862 in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Who is Edward Stratemeyer?

He is a popular children's mystery author. He wrote many well-read books including The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.

When did Edward Stratemeyer die?

he died May10,1930 in Hillside, New Jersey

Did Edward Stratemeyer get married?

Yes. He Married Magdalene Van Camp.