What is the meaning of xkcd?

Updated: 3/22/2024
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KXCD is an acronym which the creator chose as his online-persona (psudo-nym) for any website he signed up for. It was chosen off of a few guidelines and doesn't stand for anything or mean anything.

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xkcd is a webcomic created by Randall Munroe that covers a range of topics such as science, technology, and internet culture. The comic often uses humor to convey complex ideas in a simple and entertaining way.

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Q: What is the meaning of xkcd?
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What is xkcd?

Randall Munroe created the webcomic XKCD. Munroe states that XKCD is not an acronym. It is just a word that cannot be pronounced phonetically.

What are the best xkcd comics?


What is the title of today's xkcd comic?

"War is Hell"

What cartoon letter begins with a x?

XKCD ~ see related link below .

What is the best webcomic?

Depends on who you ask. the most popular is xkcd, followed by Penny Arcade.

What website has stick comics?

'XKCD' and 'Cyanide and Happiness' . See related links below .

Does XKCD have the power to absolve you from the game?

As epic as XKCD is the simple answer is no. The game has been around before time even existed and the rules are not just mere rules, rule 2 especially. Rule 2 is much like a Law of physics, it cannot be overcome. I lost the game

Who said 'an unmatched left parenthesis creates a tension that will stay with you all day'?

Whoever makes xkcd comics

How many times does 78 go into 177?

2 with remainder 21.

What is a good comeback when my husband asks for a sandwich?

Take a look at the XKCD comic below. Unless he's a UNIX geek, he's got no way out. Or Sandwiches do sound pretty yummy right now! You should make some!

What are some sentences for the word piquant?

Lynn Bedford Hall, Best of Cooking in South Africa (page 2000): These chops are baked in a piquant sauce containing fruit, honey, cinnamon, lemon and port, all of which reduces to a spicy syrup. Randall Munroe, xkcd, "Adjectives": Yes, the Cabernet is piquant as sh​it this year.

What social engineering attacks?

Attacks using social engineering rely on human trust - and by exploiting trust, one can gain access to computer systems much quicker than resorting to traditional methods if said systems are hardened to a point where it is not possible to gain entry within a short amount of time. For example, take a look at XKCD's comic strip about this topic.