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No, you do not need to have insurance to get your license in NJ. You can get your license before you even own a car.

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Q: Is it true that if you are 18 in NJ you need to have car insurance in order to get a license?
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Will auto insurance cover you in an accident if you do not have a drivers license?


Is it true that you don't need social security number to get a driver license in New Mexico?

Yes. You do not need to surrender your SSN in order to get a drivers license in ANY state. The state can issue the license to you by assigning a "soundex" number that is unique to you, instead of using your SSN.

Does Oregon require a motorcycle license for a 49 cc scooter?

NO!! anything under 50cc you are not required to have a license partly true anything 49cc or smaller and does NOT exceed 34 mph if it s factory made (stamped) 50cc you do need register it & have a license. otherwise you can be cited and possibly be impounded for no registration/insurance

I heard that there is someone who removes people's license plates from their vehicles when their insurance lapses and is paid by the insurance companies. Is this for real?

No it's not true. It would be illegal. If you don't pay insurance the DMV would send you letters demanding that you prove that you have insurance on the car. You might have to pay a fine.

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Is it True or false the state of Florida can suspend your license if you misuse a restricted license?


Do you need a license to distribute or manufacture music mixed c.d.s in nyc?

You must obtain clearance and rights from all the record companies from all the recordings on a mix CD in order to distribute or manufacture them. This is true for all states.

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Auot insurance in MA and have no insurance?

If you do not own a car or live in a household with a car owner who is related to you, you don't actually need your own insurance as long as the person whose car you are driving has insurance. However, that is only true for the occasional trip in a friend's car. If you regularly use the vehicle you would need to get insured.

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If you are born in 1994 is it true you have to wait until your 18 to get your license not permit but license?


Will an insurance company insure a person who has a suspended license?

It's not likely due to the fact that the company would consider the person a high risk. In most states it would not be legal to insure a nonlicensed driver. In many cases person's who have a licensed suspended will have valid insurance coverage cancelled or at the very least resticted. This is not always true. If you go to there is an option for a suspended license as you can pay your ticket or take care of the suspension and remain with your insurance company. Your premiums will be higher, but you will be able to get insurance.