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dominant traits are not always more common or more likely to occur because you could be living on a small island that doesn't get visitors and almost everyone has this recessive trait the recessive trait would be more likely to occur when a baby is born

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Q: Are dominant or recessive traits more likely to occur?
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Why do dominant traits occur more often than recessive traits?

In diploid organisms, if there is one recessive and one dominant allele of a gene, then the phenotype will be determined by the dominant allele.

Do dominant traits occur more often than recessive traits and why?

A dominant trait occurs when either both alleles are dominant or one allele is dominant and the other is recessive. This is because a dominant allele overpowers a recessive allele. In order to have a recessive trait both alleles must be recessive.

Do dominant traits occur more often than recessive traits?

why do you think they're called dominant traits genius^^very rude^^Actually, some recessive traits are more common in a POPULATION.

What type of gene causes traits that are more likely to occur?

a dominant gene.

What type of gene cause traits that are more likely to occur?

a dominant gene.

Are human limb mutations dominant or recessive?

Most definitely dominant. This is why they are a rarity. They'd occur more often if they were recessive.

Is adrenoleukodystrophy dominant or recessive?

This disease results from a mutation on the x-chromosome. It's recessive considering that a dominant will only cover up things that have occur, for example the damage that has occured, with something else. A recessive will continue to give latent traits. The allele in Adrenoleukodystrophy can only be caused by heredity mutation thus making it recessive.

What does co-dominance mean in genetics?

Codominance is when neither trait is dominant nor recessive. Both traits are equally likely to occur and the offspring is often from a blending trait. For example, if two co dominant animals mate and one is brown and the other is white, the offspring will be a blending of both colors.

What is the difference between a dominant gen and a recessive gen?

In one allele (recessive) the transcriptional or post translational processes does not occur due to some modification and doesn't express while in other allele it occur (dominant).

What is the difference between the dominant and recessive allele for a trait?

An individual must have 2 recessive alleles in order for a trait to show up. One must only have 1 dominant allele in order for a trait to occur.

When does disruptive selection occur?

Disruptive selection occurs when there is selection against the heterozygous individual, causing the population of homozygous dominant and homozygous recessive individuals to increase, splitting the population into two groups corresponding to the dominant/recessive alleles.

Why do some traits occur mainly in males even though they can be inherited only from their mothers?

Consider recessive traits on the X chromosome. Women have two of these, so it is statistically less likely that a woman would express this recessive trait and much more likely that it would be masked by a dominate X chromosome. If a male gets a recessive X from his mother ( remember, males have one X and one Y chromosome ) it is going to be expressed as there is no corresponding chromosome to mask it.

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