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Assume that during the performance of this exercise you made several errors in your spore-staining procedure. In each of the following cases indicate how your microscopic observations would differ from those observed when the slides were prepared correctly .

A. you used acid-alcohol as the decolorizing agent .

B. you used safranin as the primary stain and malachite green as the counterstain

C. you did not apply heat during the application of the primary stain

· A. Normally tap water is used as the decolorizing agent to wash off excess stain. When you use acid-alcohol, it decolorizes the cells and the stain is removed.

· B.When you use safranin as the primary stain and malachite green as the secondary stain, the cells will stain green and the spores will stain red.

· C.When heat is not applied during the application of the primary stain, the spores are not stained and they appear colorless.

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Q: Assume that during the performance of this exercise you made several errors in your spore staining procedure?
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