Can you find DNA in milk?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Milk itself does not contain DNA. However, milk contains a type of bacteria called lactobaccilus bulgaricus which in turn contains DNA.

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Q: Can you find DNA in milk?
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Can you find DNA from a cow in milk?

yes i think

Does cow milk contain DNA?

No it does not.

What is designer milk?

designer milk comes from a transgenic cow which has had human DNA added to it's own DNA. The cow then matures and ulimately produces human anti bodies within it's milk

What scientific field includes modifying a cow's DNA to produce more milk?

Genetic engineering is concerned with the manipulation of DNA.

Where can we find the DNA?

The DNA can be found in the nucleus

Which field would modify a cow's DNA to produce milk?

Genetic engineering

How do food get DNA?

saliva and fingerprints have DNA and when touching or eating food our DNA is recognized on that food

What type of bonds make p DNA and where in DNA do you find these bonds?

The bonds are called hydrogen bonds. You can find these bonds in the nucleotides of DNA.

Where in your body do you find DNA?

You can find DNA inside the nucleus of every one of your trillions of cells.

What are the benefits of drinking saffron milk?

There are no known benefits of drinking saffron milk. It will not lighten skin because skin color is determined by DNA.

Where and in what form is DNA found?

you can find DNA in the nucleus of a cell.

Where do you find milk on poptropica?

you can find milk at the coconut stand in shark island