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Mitochondria involve in respiration.Smooth ER produces lipids.

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No,all fat/lipid synthesis takes place in the smooth endoplasmic reticulum.And, fatty acids contain fats.

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No,it do not occurs in mitochodria.They are synthesized in smooth ER.

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Q: Does fatty acid synthesis take place in mitochondria?
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Where does lipid synthesis occurs in an animal cell?

Fatty acids synthesis starts with acetyl-CoA and builds up by the addition of two carbon units. The synthesis occurs in the cytoplasm in contrast to the degradation (oxidation), which occurs in the mitochondria. Many of the enzymes for the fatty acid synthesis are organized into a multienzyme complex called fatty acid synthetase. The major sites of fatty acid synthesis are adipose tissue and the liver

What is the co enzyme required for fatty acid synthesis?

acetyl CoA or Acetyl Co-enzyme A is required for fatty acid synthesis

What compound is involved in the activation of acyl compounds in fatty acid synthesis?

In fatty acid synthesis, an acyl carrier protein (ACP) activates the acyl compounds.

What are the precursors for synthesis of the eiconsanoids?

The precursors for synthesis of eicosanoids are fatty acids derived from linolenic (omega-3) and linoleic (omega-6) acids. These fatty acids include eicosapentaenoic acid, eicosatetraenoic acid and dihomo gamma-linolenic acid.

What are the differences between fatty acid synthesis and beta-oxidation?

Beta Oxidation--> Oxidation, Hydrolysis, Oxidation, Cleavage Fatty Acid Synthesis--> Cyle transferase, Dehydration, Reduction, Reduction

What hormone decreases protein synthesis increase fatty acid release and stimulates glucose synthesis?

Growth Hormone

What kind of lipid forms when glycerol combines with fatty acid through dehydration synthesis?


What kind of lipid forms when a glycerol combines with fatty acid through dehydration synthesis?


What kind of lipids forms when a glycerol combines with fatty acid thought dehydration synthesis?


What kind of relation exist between fatty acid and amino acid synthesis?

The liver combines fatty acids and amino acids into lipoproteins, which can be easily used by the various cells of the body.

How many dehydration synthesis reactions are required to attach fatty acid tails to a glycerol and build a triglyceride?

It can be done all in one synthesis. However, there are 3 OHs on glycerol and thus 3 fatty acids required in total to build the triglyceride. There are thus 3 reactions in total that take place but all in one synthesis. This is similar to 3 molecules of NaOH reacting with one molecule of phosphoric acid.

A dehydration synthesis reaction between glycerol and a single fatty acid would yield?

This reaction would yield a fatty acid glyceryl monoester, more commonly called a monoglyceride or monoacylglycerol.