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Yes it will affect the reading you get (not your actual blood glucose). If you have food (especially sugary food) on your finger where you take the drop of blood from, then the sugar from the food will mix with the blood and give a false reading. This is why it is important to wash the finger before testing blood glucose.

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Q: Does having food on your finger affect your blood glucose?
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How can blood clotting affect your respiration?

less blood, oxygen and glucose can get to the heart and blood

How do glucose meters operate?

Glucose meters process a blood sample usually taken by a small lancet pricking the skin of a finger. The blood is oxidated by glucose oxidaze and the resulting gluconulactone are counted.

Does calorie free sugar substitutes affect the blood glucose level?

Calorie free sugar substitutes contain no carbohydrates. Therefore, they do not affect blood glucose levels.

What preparation is required prior to a glucose test?

Blood glucose tests require either whole blood, serum, or plasma collected by vein puncture or finger puncture. No special preparation is required for a casual blood glucose test.

What is a True Track Smart System?

A True Track Smart system is a brand of glucose blood monitor. It requires you to apply a pin to your finger and then apply the blood to the monitor which will then tell you how much glucose is in your blood.

What does the lack of insulin affect?

Coma and death.

Glucose is carried in which part of the blood?

Glucose is carried in the blood plasma.However, glucose can affect hemoglobin, and a test, glycolated hemoglobin, can be used to gauge average plasma glucose level over long periods of time

Does high glucose and blood pressure affect your health.?

If your glucose and blood pressure are high it does affect your health. That is something that you need to see your physician for immediately, because please don't quote me but it could lead to diabetes. I would rather see my physician to discuss my high glucose and blood pressure so he can either prescribe something or get a diet going for you. Being healthy is a big thing, but talking to your physician is even better. From personal experience having high blood pressure could affect your health to a heart attack. Please seek medical help.

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You can test diabetes from home. There are many glucose meters that you just prick your finger or arm and a small amount of blood enters this machine and it will give you your blood glucose reading.

Does high dosage of thyroxine medication affect blood glucose levels?


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Glucose affects red blood cells by helping them carry oxygen. This is all done in a response to the insulin entering the body.

Can dengue fever affect blood glucose levels?

stressful condition does ,in special fever.