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segregate your garbage
avoid illegal logging..... (to prevent landslide)
do not use dynamite in fishing
do not use cigarettes.... (to care the ozone layer)
do not use smoke belches vehicle
plant trees and plants.... (to avoid soil erosion)
put your garbage in the right place
do not burn plastic and rubber.... (for ozone layer)

People should take steps to preserve the balance of nature. How? We need to conserve our Natural Resources, such as wildlife and marine life. Conservation is the wise use of natural resources so that something may be left for future generation.

To read more, Google this... * bit(dot)ly/1DOj1FK * (without asterisks and change the (dot) to its symbol)
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we human needs the nature it self because it gives air to breath,water to drink and a clean environment that we ca live.Saving the nature is our mission and we should start it from ourselves.Putting our trash properly,as a student is our of the easy way to do...

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Conservation of natural resources, Restoration of dameaged ecosystem and recycling of materials

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we maintain balance in our ecosystem by no poluting the ecosystem

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Q: How can we maintain balance in our ecosystem?
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What are the parts of an ecosystem and how they maintain the system and balance?

describe the parts of an ecosystem and tell how they maintain the system's balance

Describe the parts of an ecosystem and tell how they maintain the systems balance?

describe the parts of an ecosystem and tell how they maintain the system's balance

Why is it important to maintain a healthy ecosystem?

This is important to be able to create the balance in the habitat. To maintain the healthof the ecosystem will allow for a healthy balance between plant, animals and man. This is a cycle that should be maintained.

How do the population of owls and small animals maintain a balance in an ecosystem?

They do the best they can, with what they've got.

What is a cause of the biodiversity of rainforests?

Is used to maintain the ecological balance between the organisms in the rainforest.

How does a food chain maintain balance in an ecosystem?

because animals are eating other animals to make them go away

Why are food chain and food web necessary to ecosystem?

food chains and food webs are necessary as they maintain the ecological balance

How can you help maintain the balance in an aquatic ecosystem?

CONSULT YOUR BOOK .. mag aral ng mabuti para malaman mo XDD ..|..

How do ecosystems stay in balance?

they keep ecosystem balance in a number of ways. a prime example is of the elephant in Africa when it was poached the residents of Africa found a greater amount of bush fires was evident. this was due to the fact that elephants are the bulldozers of nature and that they trampled and killed them. this is one of the many reasons why they are now preserved. hope this helps a little...

How does reforestation restore the balance in ecosystem?

how reforestations practices conserve the balance in life in the ecosystem

What would happen if species disappeared from an ecosystem?

the whole ecosystem would collapses because in an ecosystem species depend on each other to maintain a balance. Next time look in you science book please!!!!!!!

How do you keep balance of your ecosystem?

by consuming things only which are so essential to me