How can you tell if someone is scared?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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anxious means that you want something to be over with or something to happen, quickly

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you can tell by if they twitch there eye, the way they look at you, there expression, the way they move, if they barley move, and how they talk

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Q: How can you tell if someone is scared?
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What to do if you are scared?


What if someone is scared to stand up?

have someone else stand up for them or tell an adult!

What to do if your being bullyed?

Tell someone - anyone. Best to tell an adult. Don't be scared that it will get worse, it will only get better if someone knows about it....

How do you tell someone you have feelings for them?

You have to tell them even if you are too shy or scared. If you really want them you will eventually have to ask. :)

How can you tell if you are brave?

How u can tell if you are brave if someone is scared of something u should be scared of and that person just goes towards it and says like im going in! to save u.

You are scared all the time that someone is going to kill you what can you do to make that stop?

If you are scared because of T.V. shows, games, or something else you can control, stop doing what makes you scared. On the other hand, if you are scared because someone is treating you badly or threatening you, you need to tell someone you trust and try to get away from that person.

What do i do if someone tells me they have or will attempt suicide?

Tell them that it is stupid and if they are worried or scared about something they should tell someone. NO NO NO!! Whatever you do DO NOT tell them it is stupid! They are depresed and feel negative, Do you want to add on to that dissapiontment!??!

If you are in middle school and you are scared to tell someone you like him what to do?

when i was in middle school you just told your friend and your friend would tell him or her.

Likelihood of someone sneaking into my home and hiding there?

I can not tell you if someone will go into your home and hide. If you are scared think about getting a camera.

How do you tell your friend not to date someone?

You have to tell it to their face and don't be scared, don't let them change the subject, tell them right away, i did that and it worked and they won't hate you after that. And if you like them tell them that.

How can you get the boy you love to love you?

you cant force someone to love you but don't be scared of rejection tell him how you feel!

How can you tell when someone is terrified?

Someone is terrified if they look very scared. The definition for terrified is: panicky: thrown into a state of intense fear or desperation.