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There are good bacteria and bad bacteria in ecosystems. Good bacteria help to kill and eat bad bacteria to keep the ecosystem clean.

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Bacteria consume all of the waste which helps them live.

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break down waste and EAT IT!:)

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Q: How does bacteria keep the world free from waste?
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How do bacteria help keep the world free from waste?

it keeps the world from waste by breaking down waste and eating it andby eating dead organisms

How do bacteria keep the world free from waste?

The bacteria consumes or eats all of the wastes, that is how it lives.

How does bacteria keep the planet free of waste?

Call: 678-793-1392 for a good time.

What is the purpose of a koi filter?

A koi filter is a system used in ponds. It is a method of removing waste from the pond. Bacteria can be used as a method of removing the waste to keep the pond healthy for other life forms.

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What is its for Bacitracin Zinc Ointment used for?

It is used to keep cuts and scrapes free of bacteria.

How does the gallbladder works with other systems to keep the body healthy?

there is no actual function of the gallbladder that has been proven but some people believe that it is used to get rid of bacteria in the small intestine before the waste comes out as waste products we know as pooh.

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How can you keep swamps healthy?

You can keep swamps healthy by keeping them free of pollution. Any type of pollution such as littering and other waste can contribute to the deterioration of a swamp or any other landform.

What animals can decompose biodegradable material into smaller substances?

Worms, moss, bacteria, fungi, protists, etc. decompose bio-degradable waste to keep our planet from being knee-deep in garbage.

Why is it important to keep waste to a minimum?

It is important to keep waste to a minimum so that the Earth can be saved and to be cost-efficient. Recycling is a good way to minimize waste.