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How does food that is manufactured in photosynthesis reach in storage areas in the root

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It travels through the phloem which is in the leaf veins.

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Q: How does food made in photosynthesis reach storage areas in the root?
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What are the storage areas in a nucleus?

The storage areas in a nucleus is the vacuole. This will be the organ to store food, water and wastes in most cell.

How do plants in the desert and in areas where winter occur manufacture food?

Plants produce food by photosynthesis.

Why may the source and sink for translocation in a plant change at different stages in the growth of a plant?

During the growth of the plant the excess food prepared by it is stored in the tissues used for storage. As the plant grow the new areas are earmarked for storage. The new leaves producing food by photosynthesis work as source and the place of storage becomes The sink. therefore, for translocation of food in plants the source and sink is kept on changing.

Why is it important that storage areas are clean and tidy?

so that there can be no germs to spread on your food

Where is most of the food made in a green plant?

They are mostly hrown in U.S.A and or in Tropical areas

What involves food storage in plants?

The actual answer is the leaf. The leaf is the storage home of the food inside plants. The roots suck the food. But it gets stored in the leaf.

Is there food production in areas where there is no sunlight?

well I'm not sure but probably no because photosynthesis can not occur without sunlight.

Which potential biological food safety hazard does smoking in food storage an prep areas cause?

saliva an get on the food handlers hands

What are the two reasons why the source and sink for translocation in a plant may change at different stages in the growth of a plant?

During active growth in plants the new tissues are formed for photosynthesis as well as for storage of food material. Therefore sourse (site for photosynthesis) and sink (site for storage) remain changing.

Which parts of the plant uses the food made in photosynthesis?

The leaves of the plant are primarily responsible for photosynthesis and the production of food. The food produced in photosynthesis is then transported to other parts of the plant, such as the stems, roots, and fruits, to be used for growth, development, and storage.

What are the small storage spaces in a cell called?

The storage areas of a cell are called vacuoles. They are typically enclosed by a membrane and store food, excess water, or waste.

What is the function of the valcule?

Valcules are the storage areas of the cells. Valcules store food, and other material, needed by the cell.