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The optic nerve is a cranial nerve (CN II) that sends special somatic afferent (sensory) fibers to the lateral geniculate of the thalamus. Here, they synapse and continue via optic radiations to the primary visual cortex of the brain. The motor portion of the eye is controlled by cranial nerves as well only they are: Oculomotor (CN III), Trochlear (CN IV), and Abducens (CN VI); there is also some sympathetic innervation (not from cranial nerves) that cause pupillary dialation.

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No, the Olfactory nerve is the first cranial nerve.

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Optic Nerve

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Q: Is the optic nerve a sensory or motor nerve?
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Which carnial nerves are purely sensory?

Actually, there are three cranial nerves that are completely sensory: Olfactory nerve, Optic nerve and the Vestibulocohlear nerve. The Optic nerve is responsible for sensory information for vision, the Olfactory nerve is responsible for sensory information coming from the nose and the Vestibulocohlear (the craziest word to spell) involves sensory information for hearing (get it?- cohlear, ear) and equilibrium.

Is vagus nerve a motor nerve?

its both motor and sensory

What is the the first pair of the cranial nerve?

I- Olefactory (sensory): smell. II- Optic (sensory): vision.

Is inferior alveolar nerve sensory or motor?

it is sensory

Are cranial nerves motor or sensory?

sensory nerve

The brain is linked to the eyes by?

The sensory neurons, in particular the optic nerve.

What nerve contains sensory nerves from both eyes?

optic tract

What cranial nerve is totally sensory in function?

here's a useful mnemonic that I used in medical school:1. Some - olfactory (sensory)2. Say - optic (sensory)3. Marry - oculomotor (motor)4. Money - trochlear (motor)5. But - trigeminal (both)6. My - abducens (motor)7. Brother - facial (both)8. Says - vestibulocholear (sensory)9. Big - glossopharyngeal (both)10. Boobs - vagus (both)11. Matter - accessory (motor)12. More - hypoglossal (motor)

What is the sensory receptor in the eyes What is the sensory receptor in the nose What is the sensory receptors in the tongue What is the sensory receptors in the skin?

the sensory receptors for the eyes are the cornea and the optic nerve

What is the purpose of the optic nerve of a cheetah?

sensory nerve carry information from end organ (here retina)

Does the peripheral nervous system have sensory nerve cells and motor nerve cells.?

Yes, the peripheral nervous system has both sensory and motor nerve cells

Are the spinal nerve both sensory and motor?