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Hydrogen bombs

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Q: Prokaryotes are also classified according to how they obtain energy and what?
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What kind of prokaryotes obtain energy from hydrothermal vents?


How do prokaryote get energy?

Prokaryotes are unicellular microorganisms that do not have a nucleus. Some prokaryotes obtain energy by consuming organic molecules made by other organisms, while others manufacture their own food from inorganic molecules.

What are four groups into which prokaryotes are divided based on the ways they obtain energy?


What is a prokaryote that obtains both energy and carbon as it decompses dead organisms?

Prokaryotes that obtain energy and carbon as they decompose dead organisms are categorized as both heterotrophs and chemotrophs. This means they obtain their energy from more complex organic substances, and that they gain energy from electron donors.

Why do prokaryotes have a great diversity?

Prokaryotes have diversified greatly throughout their long existence. The metabolism of prokaryotes is far more varied than that of eukaryotes, leading to many highly distinct prokaryotic types. For example, in addition to using photosynthesis or organic compounds for energy, as eukaryotes do, prokaryotes may obtain energy from inorganic compounds such as hydrogen sulfide. This enables prokaryotes to thrive in harsh environments as cold as the snow surface of Antarctica, and as hot as undersea hydrothermal vents and land-based hot springs. Everything is for Abant İzzet BAYSAL University Student :)

What four characteristics are used primarily to identify prokaryotes?

list 4 factors that are used to identify prokaryotes What are four characteristics used to identify prokaryotes? Their shape The chemical nature of their cell walls The way they move The way they obtain energy A fifth is also gram stain

Why is animal energy derived from Sun?

Plants make their own food by trapping the energy in sunlight (they are therefore classified as producers).Animals can not make their own food, the have to eat plants (if they are herbivores) or catch and eat herbivores (if they are carnivores) to obtain their or energy (they are classified as consumers).Thus the energy powering life is the Sunlight that the Producers gather.

How do autotrophs obtain energy and how do heterotrophs obtain energy?

Heterotrophs obtain energy from foods they consume, and Autotrophs obtain energy by the sun light

How producers consumers and decomposers obtain energy?

producers obtain energy from water and sunlight, consumers obtain energy from producers and decomposers obtain energy from comsumers.

How is the energy produced by nuclear fission used?

- to obtain electrical energy - to obtain thermal energy - to obtain bombs

How do coral obtain energy?

They obtain energy from green algae

How do autotrophs obtain energy?

Autotrophs obtain energy by the sun, or chemicals in sunless environments, and Heterotrophs obtain energy by the foods they consume